Hattie McDermott Makes Her First Video Debut

Is 3-month-old Hattie McDermott following in her famous mother’s footsteps?

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling recently posted an adorable video of sweet Hattie on her website ediTORIal.

Today, I’m sharing Hattie’s first video here on ediTORIal!” she says. “I made this video while we were in the mountains over Christmas. Everyone was taking a vacation nap and Hattie and I had some one-on-one mommy and baby playtime. Hattie already is a kicker, which shouldn’t surprise me after what felt like black belt karate kicks in my belly for months. Which is why I started singing one of my fave 70s songs to her, “Kung Fu Fighting”. She seems to adore music, and when I sing this song to her, I could swear she dances and kicks! It’s funny, the silly things we do with our baby when no one else is around.

The busy actress – who is also mother to Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, with husband Dean McDermott – also recently tweeted the above picture of her blue eyed beauty, stating, “Happy 3 month Birthday to my beautiful girl Hattie Margaret!”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Oh enough of these people. Boring.

    • Anonymous

      You were obviously interested enough to take the time to comment.

  • Anonymous

    Love Tori and Dean. They have beautiful childrfen.

  • Arabella

    sweet hattie

  • Anonymous

    The third child is always the most beautiful!

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