Jessica Alba On Regaining Her Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Jessica Alba brought Honor and their nanny to her office in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (January 12). The actress, who is working on her new business The Honest Company, took along some books to keep her little one busy.

She recently showed off her bikini body during her Mexican vacation. How did she slim down so fast after having Haven almost five months ago? People reports the actress was at the Forevermark and Instyle event on Tuesday when she revealed how she’s gotten to her super shape.

Referring to Honor she said, “I’m running around after a 3 1/2/-year-old so that always keeps you on your toes.”

She also watched what she ate while she was pregnant with Haven.

“It was my second pregnancy so I think I just didn’t indulge as much,” she explains. “It was easier to snap back.”

Having a trainer helps too. Alba detailed her least favorite exercise…the burpee.

You have to squat down, do a push up and then clap your hands above your head.”

She added that fitness isn’t her priority and stated, “I just feel thankful and blessed that I have two beautiful children. That’s my focus.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I lost the weight by “running after a 3 year old”. Such bs….you lost it by barely eating and killing it at the gym. Just own it!

  2. SARA

    Her body is flawless right now. Jealous.

    I hate burpee’s also…..they are my least favorite as well.

  3. anonymousk

    I don’t believe that she got it back from running after her kid, but I don’t think she necessarily starved herself. Women can and do eat healthy and exercise during their pregnancies. She has enough money to hire someone to keep her on track.

  4. Anonymous

    Want some ice with that Haterade? LOL Whatevs. *Shrugs shoulders* Sadly enough she doesn’t have the option of being a porker as she is the bread winner in the family. IJS.

  5. Anonymous4

    Ah this post reaks of bitter haterade. And I agree that it’s obvious as day that the 1st Anonymous is secretly a fat person, because the ‘you can’t lose weight without starving yourself to death’ is a universal fat chick cliche.

    They did the same thing with Jennifer Hudson. Any time someone has more willpower and improves their body better than them, the 1st thing all the overweight girls do is cry eating disorder or lipo. A fat girl can never be happy when another loses weight because it makes them insecure & they refuse to own up the fact that it is very much possible for Jessica to do for several reasons:

    1. Given she’s wealthy, it’s a given that she has a nutrionist, and afew nannies to help her prepare healthy meals.
    2. She has a personal trainer to keep her on track, and nannies to look after her kids while she gets back in shape.
    3. A pregnant woman, on average, gains about 20-50lbs. With even a minimal 30 minute, consistant, fitness routine combining both weights and cardio, an normal person will lose a pound a week. Honor is 3 years old. It wouldn’t even take her at most 3 or 4 months after birth to lose all of that, and she’s had 3 years. With Haven, it’s been 6 months since birth. She’s had more than enough time to get back in shape.

    Now stop being bitter jealous catty betches and mind your own bodies.

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