Brooke Shields & Daughters: Walkin’ & Talkin’

Brooke Shields and daughters Rowan, 8, and Grier, 5 talk a walk – with cell phones in hand – through the West Village in New York City on Saturday (January 14).

The girls, who were all bundled up for the cold, used their phones more for picture-taking than talking. Maybe they were turning the tables on the paparazzi?

In an interview last month with Parent & Child, Brooked talked about one of her cell phone pet peeves – the interruption of family time. “We get crabby if we don’t talk. Maintaining family rituals that keeps us close is key, like making sure to sit down to dinner together to talk about our day as often as possible. And no cell phones at the table!”

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Photo credit: Splash

  • Blaze

    What kind of mother lets kids that young have cell phones. Always thought Brooke Shields only ever thinks of herself, but she is a really bad mother judging by these photos (and many more I’ve seen).

    • jules

      What is the big deal? I had my first cell phone when I was 8.
      I’m 16 now and I’m perfectly fine.

    • Iris

      I can’t agree on the bad mother thing you say, simply because I haven’t met her. But I agree with the phones thing! The kids are 5 and 8 and have mobile phones, seriously?

    • Anonymous

      “She is a really bad mother”

      Really? Because she may or may not let her kids have a cell phone? So if she makes them breakfast, drives them to school, volunteers as a class mother, runs a girl scout troop, teaches them to cook, bathes them every night, teaches them manners and respect for their fellow man….. She’s a “really bad mother” because of a cell phone.

      You’re a world class ass.

  • Anonymous

    Those might just be ipod touch. Alot of kids have them. Brooke seems like a great mom

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure those are cell phones and not the new generation of i-pod touches?

    • Anonymous

      Those look like I pod Touches, my son has one.

  • Anonymous

    She’s probably talking about her and her husbands cell phone use. Those are probably Ipods or something that the girls are holding… Besides, “bad mother” – how the heck would you ever be able to judge that from wherever on earth you’re sitting???

  • Anon100

    Its a cell phone not a loaded gun you seem to be overreacting with the whole she a bad mother.

    I myself don’t like young kids with phones but they do come In handy my friends 9!year old has a phone it only has  5 numbers in it her home number, her parents cell numbers, her gandmas and my number in it. She missed the bus one time and had no way of getting hold of anyone to come get her,she had to wait the 10 min it takes the bus to get to her stop before her mother  found out she never made it on, now with the phone if it happen again someone will be thier ASAP to come get her.  My kid is to young for that right now but for that reason I would get him one when he older he’s 3.  I know other parents who have thier kids text or call them before they leave school and start to walk home and after they get home, it come hardy for safety and parents can get hold if there kids if they are running late to picking them up.

  • Anonymous

    @Blaze those are Ipods i think. nothing wrong with kids listening to music and taking photos

  • Anonymous

    why do kids aged 8 & 5 need cell phones is beyond me.. but the times have changed since we were kids…

  • Anonymous

    People, those are definitely iPod Touches, not iPhones. iPhones don’t have metal backs, they have a metal strip around the outside and a black or white back.

  • SMH

    They look like ipod touches to me which I see nothing wrong with. And if they are their own cell phones oh well. Times have changed. My nephew has his mother’s old iphone. But she controls everything on it. Ipod touches or phones are no different then having them have a DS or PSP in their hands. Most kids use the phones to access games. NBD!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how much more grown up Grier looks compared to Suri who is alway is always being carried around carrying blankets. They both were born on the same day.

  • Al Bundy II.

    These are definitely iPod Touchs 4G (I have the same one) and not iPhones! If you look at the third picture in “Zoom” you can clearly see the “iPod” lettering!

    • Anonymous

      Shhhhh…. none of the unhappy hags here want to know reality. They’d rather just shoot off their mouths and put someone down for any perceived flaw. They’re quite a pathetic bunch, aren’t they?

  • Amira

    just leave her alone ..

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