Sean Preston Shakes His Groove Thing!

What a cutie!

Britney Spears posted an adorable video – on her Tumblr – of eldest son Sean Preston “getting his groove on” to the 1978 Peaches & Herb hit, Shake Your Groove Thing. Has the talented 6-year-old perhaps inherited his mama’s dance skills?

During the video, the young boy proved just how serious he is about practicing – anytime little brother Jayden James, 5, came close, he was quickly ushered away!

Back in the fall, just before embarking on her Femme Fatale tour, mom Britney admitted she believes her boys are destined to follow in her footsteps:

“When I’m on the road they come with me and they love being on the road,” she told UK TV show Daybreak.

They are in awe, they come home and copy the dancers and the dancers’ moves and try to get on their heads and do spins and do all these things. They’ll definitely, probably be, in the entertainment businesses.

Last month, the 30-year-old popstar, announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend and former agent, Jason Trawick.

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  1. knz

    actually, he’s better than his mama! haha, cute video. “JJ, get out!” lol

  2. Madeleine

    This is the cutest thing ever! I love when Jayden rolls in on his tricycle! So funny!

  3. Jenny Schafer

    Wow, that is so cute! Sean P’s got the moves!!

  4. Anonymous

    Too cute!! 19Dont forget dad was a dancer too. It’s in the genes!

  5. GG

    Precious, no rhythm though, bless his heart. lol

  6. Erin

    reminds me of watching my nephews dance, so cute!!

  7. SMH

    So cute. Actually I believe he has more Rhythm then his mother! lol

    I love the brotherly love of pushing jayden out of the way!

  8. Marianne

    I laughed out loud when he pushed his brother away.

  9. Krista

    I saw this video earlier…..had to watch it again…he is sooooo cute!!!! & I agree with the above post…lets not forget his DAD is a dancer as well. =)

  10. Anonymous

    Cute but I love how no one is saying photo op with all these pictures Britney is posting but if it was Kevin people would be talking about who he useing them.

    • Anonymous

      britney ISN’T getting paid for this video!!!! Kevin sells photos to one particular agency to get money. All his family photos are published by the agency GSI. Kevin has an agreement with them. Isn’t it strange to you how all his photos are published by GSI.

      this video is free to anymore with internet access. No payment for Britney. THATS THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!

  11. Anon100

    Wow Anonymous 7:29@ do you know him personally because if you do I would love for you to get him to give me britney

    You sound like you made that whole thing up in your head and calm down you are way into Britney life I’m a fan too but you sound over the top crazy stalker fan.

    • Anonymous

      Anon100— practice what you preach!!! You don’t know me. I’m actually NOT a britney FAN. My statement is based on FACT. Look at all the family photos with kevin and boys on a happy family outing and you will see “PHOTOS by GSI”. I don’t know any other paparazzi photos that always have the same agency. “Calm down” ditto to you. Im a stalker fan because I stated britney don’t sell pics of her sons but Kevin does..WOW. I guess its true, people shouldn’t waste their time talking to fools because they will always beat you with experience.

    • Anonymous

      Anon: Don’t ruin the cute video of Preston with comments like yours. Britney fan or not its clear that something is going on with Kevin and the photo agency. Supporting 5 kids and a girlfriend gets expensive. Its more likely that he would be trying to get paid with these family photos than Britney.

  12. Mariam

    Omg that was the cutest thing .the cutest little boys lol

  13. Anonymous

    Who told her about tumblr?

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