Jennifer Hudson & David: D.C. Departure

Jennifer Hudson and her adorable son David Daniel Otunga Jr., 2, were spotted as they got ready to board a flight out of Washington, D.C. on Sunday (January 15). The tot, who looked sleepy as he sat safely buckled into his stroller, was wearing a lion hat to fend off the cold winter weather while mom was wearing a puffy jacket that hid her newly-svelte body.

Jennifer is a spokesmodel for WeightWatechers and is featured in their current commercials where she shows off her drastic weight loss. In a recent interview, the Oscar-winner says not everyone is happy with her accomplishment

“You cannot win with the weight loss because once you lose [the weight] first they say, ‘You can’t do it,’ then when you do it, they say, ‘Well, you’re gonna gain it back,'” she laments. “Then, when you don’t gain it back, then people get madder and then they say, ‘They lost too much weight!’

“You have to do it for yourself. It shouldn’t matter what other people say.”

But Jennifer adds that in spite of the criticism, she’s using her experience to help others to fight their battles. “Every time I see a heavy girl that reminds me of myself I make sure I let them know, ‘Oh my God, you are so beautiful,'” she says.

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Photo credit: Splash

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  • Anon

    Oh Yes, she looks all about her scared little boy in this picture! STAFF! GET LITTLE DAVID AND POINT HIM AWAY FROM ME…I AM BUSY BEING THIN AND PROMOTING MYSELF!!!

    • anon

      she looks like she’s busy trying to board a plane to me

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