Willow Smith: Yellow Dress At BET Awards

Whip My Hair singer Willow Smith attended the BET Awards in Washington, DC on Saturday (January 14). The 11-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith went for a much lower-key look than usual in a yellow dress. Big brother, Karate Kid star Jaden Smith, 13, was not spotted with the hit singer.

The following day, Willow was seen arriving at Los Angeles International Airport. The up-and-coming songstress looked cute and casual in a knit hat, black coat and tights, accompanied by tan UGGs.

Is Willow taming her wild looks? The tween is most often seen in exuberantly-colored outfits, leaving her at the bottom of our best dressed celebrity kids list!

What do you think of Willow’s new look?

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • LaKesha


  • Anonymous

    She looks so sweet, but I’m so used to seeing her in her funky style, that’s it’s a little weird.

  • Anonymous

    Are we looking at the same picture?

  • Anonymous

    Is that willow or jaden?

  • Anonymous

    can’t stand her or the smith family, but i love this dress!

  • Kelly J.

    The best I’ve ever seen her, she not wearing any attention seeking out fit just something simple and age appreciate.

  • Sherene

    She looks great. Like a young lady. Hope she keeps improving her choice of clothing but then, girls should be allow to have fun when dressing. Especially at her age.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of think it’s inappropriate for an 11 year old to go to the BET awards.

    • Carrie

      THANK YOU!! I was wondering when that would be brought up. I REALLY like the Smith family and all the projects they are involved with- but maybe they have lost a little perspective when it comes to what is appropriate for an 11 year old, definately NOT an evening gown and platform shoes in public!! There is too much pressure on these famous children, they really need more age appropriate clothes & reasonable exposure..WHATS THE BIG RUSH????

      • Anonymous

        Why are you so sure she feels pressured?

        • anonymous9

          BECAUSE SHE’S 11!!!!!!! She is still a CHILD!!!! She looks UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

    • LaKesha

      So…was it also inappropriate for Shirley Temple and Dakota Fanning to go to awards shows? You do know that Willow had the honor of presenting an award along with the First Lady to Maya Angelou at the awards show. That was a life changing moment for a young girl.

  • SMH

    I love the dress. Agree the BET awards are not for 11 yr olds but then again I saw Jody Foster with her kids at the Globes and their was alot of jokes that were inappropriate for them to be hearing. That being said it’s the entertainment business I’m sure they’ve see and heard it all.

    I do feel sorry though that Willow inherited her daddy’s ears lol.

  • carrie

    My kids 10 & 11 years absolutely LOVE her and buy her music, but even they think she looks weird here, they think shes wearing her moms dress and heels! Its just age innappropriate, thats all….

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