Gavin Rossdale & Boys Celebrate Harlow Madden’s Birthday

It was a star-studded birthday bash for Harlow Madden!

Rockstar papa Gavin Rossdale was seen with his two sons – Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3 – in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Monday (January 16). Leaving mama Gwen Stefani with a day off, the Rossdale boys and the nanny arrived at The Coop to celebrate the 4th birthday of Harlow Madden, the daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. This is the same children’s play space where Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz threw Bronx Mowgli’s third birthday.

Also in attendance was Jennifer Meyer, the wife of Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire, and their two kids Ruby, 5, and Otis, 2. Uncle Benji Madden arrived right after the arrival of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie from Toy Story.

It’s been a busy month for Harlow’s fashion designer mama! Nicole attended the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday and promoted her new reality series, Fashion Star, at the TCAs in Pasadena last weekend.

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  1. Anonymous

    Otis’s hair looks terrible. It doesn’t look like it’s been washed, combed or cut in a year. I don’t understand these people – their sons all look like girls with that long ridiculous hair – Bronx, Otis, Zuma, Everly, Sparrow, James Wilkie, Mason….I’m sure I missed a few.
    Also, on a side note – I’m surprised Gwen Stefani is friends with an ex-coke head.

    • Anonymous

      Somebody on this site once said: They don’t look like girls, they look like boys with long hair.

      Could be as simple as he just got out of car that had it windows open.

    • Anon

      Try to open up your world just a little! WHO ARE the POWERS that BE who decided little boys are only MALE if they have short hair? IS THAT HOW WE TELL WHICH GENDER IS WHICH?? WHO decided that men should HAVE short hair while women should keep their hair long…WHO? It DOES NOT COME FROM BIBLICAL TIMES! I embrace those who do not follow idiot scripted undocumented rules- *just because they are POPULAR!*

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised Gwen Stefani is friends with an ex-coke head
      ???????????????????????? and Gwen STefani is perfection personified? Uh, unless you are sure she’s got a completely squeaky clean past herself, where do you get off? Nicole Richie has cleaned up her act big time and from what I can see, has done a lot more meaningful things (Richie Madden foundation charity with her life than the self-absorbed Stefani

    • Anonie

      Yeah, you forgot Knox, Hank IV…..
      I almost agree with you, but they’re not ugly. Otis does need a haircut. Just like the others especially Hank IV. He really looks like a girl. He is two and he never had a haircut.

      Sorry for u guys who don’t agree with me, but in my opinion some of them do look like girls.

    • Anonymous

      She’s no Girl Scout herself.

  2. Kelly J.

    I know everyone tired of hearing this but i have to say this, them useing nannies when they are out and about still don’t get but whatever but why o why do they need a nanny with them at a kids birthday party? Nicole Richie has her nannies at her house not to mention all the other parents their who would be able to watch the kids, so there was no need to bring thier own help.

  3. SMH

    I understand a nanny being a part of the family (I was one at one time too) and I wouldn’t trade the relationships I had with the family for anything but I did not attend functions with the family. They were capable of taking their two kids out by themselves. I was simply just the caretaker while mom and dad were GONE. I can understand if you can afford it why not have one. I get all of that. But I just think it’s odd that they NEVER are without atleast one nanny while out and about. Is it it really that hard to go to a bday party with two kids alone??

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous 9:48am@ what does Nicole past drug us have to do with the woman she is today, why are you bringing it up?

    Little boys having long hair does not make them look like girl’s maybe that what you associate haveing long hair with but when I see Bronx and Zuma just to name two i see little boys and I actually don’t like long hair on little boys. I do however agree that Otis’s hair looks terrible look like he did want his hair done and mom was like ok let’s just go.

  5. Boop

    kingston is such a mini gavin and zuma is a mini gwen.. very cute!

  6. Anonymous

    Long hair on boys CAN make them look like girls. Zuma’s hair is nice long and he does look like a boy but Otis’s hair is disgusting. What are they trying to prove? That they can make their children look ridiculous because that’s exactly how they look – RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

  7. I said it

    Anon said “WHO decided that men should HAVE short hair while women should keep their hair long…WHO?”

    No one decided it. And there is no written rule that says men should have short hair. But when you have a little boy who clearly looks like a girl as in the case with Otis, why would a parent want that? This is how children get picked on and bullied in school. Why would you want your boy to look like a girl and your girl to look like a boy???? Answer that question. Some boys/men with long hair look nice if it’s cut/kept right. Zuma has long hair and it’s kept nice and he DOES look like a boy.

    • Anon

      Life is different for these kids…they go to school with other celebrity kids- all with their wacky names and long hair. It is not as if they are shoved into a public school with kids named Megan and Nicholas with his buzz cut. They are Otis and Zuma, and Bronx, and Moses…and they live in a celebrity world…Or more often than not, they are home schooled…However way they learn, they live a privileged existence. And their hair, and their clothes, and their lifestyle is vastly different from *normal* but normal is abnormal in their world! They are allowed to be different, and creative in their world. I wish it was allowed in every kids world! Not EVERY kid is born to be in this* cookie cutter, cheer-leader and quarterback*, kind of school existence! I am glad for anyone to come along and rough up that image…it’s been going on FAR too long!

    • Anonymous

      The reason kids get picked on and bullied in school is because the bully’s parent is a lousy parent. Cut & Dried. Pure & Simple. Easy as Pie.

      >>>>> Teach your kid to respect other’s differences and they will NEVER bully someone. <<<<< Teach them intolerance and it's every other kid in school that's supposed to worry if they're taller or shorter, fatter or thinner, blond hair or brown, blue eyes or green, meek or aggresive (and the list goes on and on)? I don't think so. Thankfully, bullying is so much in the media now that there's a good chance your rotten little bully child will learn their lesson before they can harass someone about something as stupid as long hair.

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