Happy 4th Birthday Kieran Lieberthal!

Name: Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal

Parent: Juilianna Margulies & Keith Lieberthal

Date of Birth: January 17, 2008

Siblings: None


Kieran was born in New York City

He is the first child for both his parents


“Obviously I’m utterly delighted to be a grandfather,” said Keith’s father, Dr. Kenneth Lieberthal, when reached by PEOPLE. “I have to say, he is cuter than any other baby I’ve seen.” – paternal grandfather Dr. Kenneth Lieberthal on his new grandson.

“A beautiful baby boy has been born to us. All is well. His name is Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal. Is that poetry? Do a little dance. Love this day! All is well. God bless! Can’t wait to hear from you.” – maternal grandmother Francesca on her baby Kieran

“Listen, whatever he wants to do I will support wholeheartedly. But I hope he doesn’t want to become an actor.” – Juilianna on her hopes for her only child.

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