Ashlee Simpson & Vincent Piazza Take Bronx To Tree People Park

Ashlee Simpson and her boyfriend Vincent Piazza took Bronx for a walk at the Tree People park in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (January 18). Bronx, 3, wore A Tribe Called Quest t-shirt and cut off jean shorts.

Soon the curly-haired cutie will have a cousin to play with! His aunt Jessica Simpson is due in the Spring.

As for Ashlee, it looks like her love life is going strong. The couple have been dating since last June and made their public appearance together at the season premiere of his HBO show Boardwalk Empire. Piazza has been coy on talking about his relationship with Ashlee.

He has said, “Saying [how I feel] publicly would only diminish it between the two of us…She’s a wonderful girl.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. F.A.J

    WOW. Bronx has turned big!!! He’s so cute. I really like his long blond curls, but I think it’s time for a trim or haircut.

    • Anonie

      It’s kind of odd that everyone says this about Bronx but not about Hank IV..

      • Anonymous

        Apparently you’ve never actually read the comments about Hank IV.

        I don’t know why people have such a hangup about little boys’ hair. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just hair. And it’s not like it’s permanent. It can be changed at any time. People are acting like these celeb parents are all going out and getting their children tattoos. What is the big deal?

        • Anonie

          Yes I’ve read the comments about Hank IV. They’re all saying: OMG this child is soo cute, I wanna steal him, He’s too cute for words, He’s gonna be a heartbreaker, This is the most adorable celeb baby!
          With Bronx it’s like, Cut his hair, He’s not cute, …..
          Oh and I didn’t say he is ugly, but the others do….

  2. Anony

    I agree, his hair is a hot mess.

  3. Anonymous

    Bronx needs a haircut or at least a trimming.

  4. Anonymous.

    He’s actually your child, people? You should stop making that kind of comments. Bronx is a beautiful little boy, and since he’s not your son you should shut up because that’s not your freaking business if his hair’s long or short. Get a life, please.

  5. Anony

    Anonie – I think it’s because Hank IV is part black and has a legitimate afro. This kid’s hair is long, unruly and unkempt. Does Ashlee really think he looks good like that?

    • Anonie

      Eh no it’s because people are pathetic to call a kid ugly. Oh and it’s not because of Hank is part black. Hank doesn’t have an afro. His hair is also curly. I don’t see it. What part of Hank’s hair is afro?? None!!! Oh and if people think this kid needs a haircut, then people also should say it to Hank, Zuma, Otis, Sparrow, Everly, Knox and all the boys who have long hair.

    • Anonie

      Oh and another thing, if you don’t like this child or his hair, then why are you still posting? To have a conversation with people you don’t know??? Because you just want to see comments from people like you to call this kid ugly??? Hmmm…. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      A legitimate afro? LOL

      So if you’re black with an afro you have an excuse for messy hair? LOL

  6. Anonymous

    Anonie – you are a complete IDIOT. If you don’t think Hank has an afro, then get your eyes checked. What do you think an afro is? It’s tight curly hair. What a moron you are.

    • Anonie

      Hey I know you. You’re the anonymous that is always looking for a fuss. Wow calm down hey. Oh and Hank doesn’t have an afro. You should check your eyes. IDIOT!!!

      • Anonymous

        A “fuss”? What are you, three years old? What kind of adult uses that word when talking to other adults?

        • Anonie

          A lot of adults are saying that. IDIOT! I can see you have the brains of a three years old. Oh and why do have to say it. It sounds more realistic if you ask… How old are you 12?
          You’re acting like a 12 years old, that’s even worse. I’m not gonna have a discussion (which you started) with an adult who’s acting like a kid. BYE LOSER!!!

    • Fernanda

      Oh you again. Always wanna have a conversation. Wow, Grow up. Really Grow up!!! I know you, you were the same Anonymous that was having a conversation with me. You must be the most pathetic person I’ve ever seen on the internet. Oh and I agree with Anonie. Hank doesn’t have an afro. Go to
      That is not Afro dumbass that’s blond curly hair. Why do you think people give comments like: I like his curls, wow he looks like an angel with his blond curly hair.
      You should get your eyes checked. Oh and stop making conversation with people you don’t know and GROW UP or get a life. Otherwise ENJOY YOUR FAKE LIFE!!

    • Anonymous???

      Pathetic people like you are taking comments way to seriously. I can’t imagine you are enjoying it by calling people idiots, morons, dumb, blind….. I mean it doesn’t make it better by calling people like that. And if it does than you really have issues. I think u should get a life or something. Maybe that will work. :^(.

  7. Virginia

    Little Hank’s hair is gorgeous, but Bronx’s hair is a total mess and over grown…buzz it off!!!

  8. Angie

    Looking as adorable as ever Bx

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