Jeffrey Dean Morgan Swears Off The Swear Words For His Son

No more potty mouth for Jeffrey Dean Morgan; at least not around his 22-month-old son, Gus. It seems that the little guy has started to expand his vocabulary, which isn’t exactly a good thing.

“I took him to dinner the other night and he said, ‘Bullsh-t!’ I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, there might have been a high-five involved,” Morgan, 45, tells Us Weekly at Friday’s Winter TCA Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif.

“It made me laugh a lot,” says the Grey’s Anatomy alum. “I was like, ‘I really gotta start watching my language, ’cause, man, he is repeating everything he hears!’

But I’m a much better father than that!” Morgan adds. “It’s maybe not the best story to tell, but it did make me laugh.”

Parenthood has been bringing all kinds of joy for Jeffrey and girlfriend Hilarie Burton, 29, of One Tree Hill. In fact, Morgan says that his “new favorite thing is being a dad.”

“It’s been amazing,” gushes the Magic City star. “I spend my whole day with him. Since we wrapped this show, I’ve purposely not done anything, so it’s been daddy-kid time. I’ve let mom go and do a job, and I just really want to spend time with him.”

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  • Anonymous

    Funny, he’s never seem THIS over the top about his other kids.

    Also, I think if you took out the word “girlfriend” this would just seem like he was a single father?

    “I let mom…” who does he think he is? Her master and keeper? He might think it’s cute and funny but that seems really off to me.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your beef with this guy?

    • NYC Mommy

      You said- Funny, he’s never seem THIS over the top about his other kids.

      What I want to know is what other kids? I thought this was his first….

      • Sophia

        He has at least one other son, called Daniel I think.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…if the world only knew the truth! He is truly shameless. If I was him, I’d shut my mouth about how great a father I am. Someone might jump up to bite him on the backside and let the truth be told!

    • Anonymous

      So why don’t you explain why he’s NOT a great father?

  • melo1983

    Haha do you two know him??? Funny and cute parent story, I can totally relate!

  • Anonymous

    US put this story online then changed part of it. It said originally that she was the mother but that was it. There was no relationship or “girlfriend” in it. A few hours after they altered it but some other sites that picked it up at the start didn’t. With that much effort into changing it to say ‘we’re still together you know!’ I have to wonder if they really are. He doesn’t talk about her the way you’d think and he doesn’t say her name even once. Don’ t you think that’s kind of weird?

    I don’t know about a bunch of other kids. I remember reading about one. If he has more they must be a lot older than this little guy. It’s kind of rude how he said he let her go and take a job. Does she have to ask permission to have a pee and wear her hair a certain way too?

    If you cleaned him up he might be ok but that grizzly old man scruff is gross.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely agree with this. I saw the original article too, it really made it seem like they weren’t in a relationship or anything. She wasn’t even named has his girlfriend, literally just the woman who gave birth to his son. I find it so funny how it was changed within a matter of hours to say something that -as you said- told people “they’re still together, just so you know!” I really think her people would have been busy getting that fixed. They overplay this relationship too much from what I’ve seen recently, I think that’s a sure sign there is nothing but the baby between them and building an image.

      I’m also curious about what kind of situtations that child is in to hear that kind of language. I know he has a potty mouth but there are only so many ways to say that particular word, and no call for its use is ever positive or humorous.

      • NYC Mommy

        Not sure where he could have heard B*LLSH*T but I know my kids may have heard A**Hole and S**T when they were little and I was driving the car. Those words especially first one tend to pop out when dealing with bad drivers.

      • Anonymous

        “I’m also curious about what kind of situations that child is in to hear that kind of language.”

        Alert the authorities!! This child’s parent put him in situations where someone might curse!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure he has knocked up at least four different women, not that sure if he knew/knows about them all or what. Dude needs to learn to wrap it already unless he wants all his paychecks to be going to child support in a couple years!

    I think that is why he is trying so hard to look good with this one, unlike the others as Hilarie has a main line to media attention, the other women are just going to be labled golddiggers and the like if they sell a story. She won’t get that because she is prominent enough in the industry where yapping to the press is common place! She is in a very powerful situation and something tells me she knows it!

    • Anonymous

      You are deranged.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry someone tarnished your image of the man/woman you THINK you “know” and clearly worship.

  • Anonymous

    So he might not know about them but you a random person on the Internet do! Hmm!

    • Anonymous

      You would probably be shocked and surprised just how much random people on the internet do know. Hollywood is a small town, if a celebrity sleeps with someones friend, people find out about it. People also tend to find out about what said celebrity has admitted to during pillow talk. Especially if said former lover has been done wrong! He’s lucky no one’s done a story on him yet!

      • Anonymus

        Sounds like you know a lot about him….I’m dying to har more! Anything you can share?

      • Anonymus

        You seem to know a lot abou him. I’m dying with curiousity!! Any stories you can share?

  • Anonymous

    There’s no fool, like an old fool!

  • QuestioningMind

    I think I’d have a bit more respect for both of them if they had an oopsy and just kept things quiet totally or if they admitted it and said they were moving on, co-parenting, but weren’t going to pursue a relationship. Instead this whole thing was concocted and I think it’s to cover her reputation more than his. As a manwh*re he’d get a break. She wouldn’t get that much. At least he’s standing up and supporting the baby. I’ll give him that.

    Who’s behind all the attention seeking? It looks to be her otherwise that story wouldn’t have changed and they wouldn’t have had the airport pics just now either. She’s never been papped before so why now, right? She’s a nobody. The biggest question I have is how long are they going to keep this going, because there’s a little kid there who’s going to be ripped apart when they do eventually stop the nonsense. They maybe didn’t think this thing through and if they did, it wasn’t the baby they were thinking of. Talk about selfish.

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