Jennifer Garner: Solo Pampering Trip

Not long now! Jennifer Garner treated herself to a manicure and pedicure in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (January 17). The pregnant actress talked on the phone and seemed in a good mood while her nails were being pampered.

Garner has kept actively on her feet during her last trimester. She was last seen with husband Ben Affleck and their two daughters, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, leaving the Bel Air Hotel on Saturday.

The Butter star has given some good parenting advice.

She said, “It’s tricky, I don’t think there’s any right way to be a mom. Whatever works for you, don’t judge yourself for it. And don’t let others judge you. Just do what feels best for your family, and if that’s going to work, then go to work with your head held high, and if that’s staying at home, then don’t let yourself feel any less for being at home with your kids.”

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  • Anonymous

    This seems like a very down market type of salon for a celeb to patronize — i.e. “communal” setting, sitting side by side with other patrons and no privacy — fully on display for passersby and paparazzi guys to gawk and snap photos. It’s not just Garner – I’ve seen many celebs pictured at these places before.

    Needless to say, I’m not in their tax bracket – or anywhere near it – but when I go for a mani-pedi, you are in a private room and only cheap (read: unsanitary sweatshops) places have you lined up in chairs with everyone else.

    • Anonymous

      I make a very good living as do most of my friends. We all go to typical nail places. I don’t where you live, but many of the nail salons in Atlanta are nice. Just because you are in a private room does not guarantee you are any safer than in a communal setting. What does matter is whether the facility practices safe disinfectant practices. Your email came off as very snobby whether you intended it or not. Heaven forbid that you be lined up in a chair with everyone else.

    • Anonymous

      What is your point?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you shoud get a clue and read my post again. I basically said that the first poster was a snob. Get it, or do you need a dictionary?

        • Anonymous

          My comment was in response to the first poster, not you. Do you not understand how nested comments work?

    • Mags

      Two things. 1. A lot of “fancier” places don’t accept walk ins. Perhaps she found herself with a free half hour and stopped in at the nearest salon.

      2. Just because something is fancier or private doesn’t make it better. I’ve been to plenty of high end spas where despite the atmosphere being upgraded, the quality of the treatment was not. I’d rather go to a place where I have to sit with other people and be happy with my nails every time than overpay to be disappointed privately!

    • Anonymous

      So true If I had her millions, I’d have the spa come to me – I’m sure it’s pretty easy to get someone come to your home. Besides, who wants to deal with slimy paps leering at you?

  • Anonymous

    If I were her I would go to a more private spot also, just because it’s just so yuck in there.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so sure how well they clean the foot baths or the manicure equipment. Some women have gotten terrible skin ulcers from unsanitary foot baths. The better places open up new equipment right in front of you from a sterile plastic bag. However, maybe it’s fun to be around other women rather than stuck in a room by yourself.

    • Anonymous

      ITA with your first sentence – I saw a documentary that exposes a few places like that. Yuck. As far as it being “fun” – maybe for regular folks, but not a celeb who has to deal with paparazzi. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The reason it’s not a “private room” is because Garner calls the paps and SETS UP these photo ops. Get a clue, you guys. She’s not famous enough to be tailed from the moment she leaves her house and she calls them. Tori Spelling did the same. It’s a way to make a quick buck. And on that note… ENOUGH of this woman, CBB! PLEASE! How many more pedicure pics and Starbucks pics do we need to see of this D Lister? If she wasn’t married to Ben Affleck, no one would care. Plus she looks like hell. Her butt is huge and her face looks terrible.

  • anonymous

    I’m sure Jennifer is an intelligent enough of a woman to stay away from a salon that that appears dirty or unsanitary and does not use newly opened utensils for each of their customers.

    • Anonymous


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