Celebrities Attend Pre Golden Globes Lounge

Last weekend, the celebrities gathered at Jayneoni Moore’s Pre Golden Globe Lounge in celebration of awards season. From new mom Essence Atkins, to Michelle Stafford and her adorable 2-year-old daughter Natalia, to expectant mama Lindsay Sloane, the celebrities came out for some great baby swag at the W Hotel in Westwood, Calif. on Saturday (January 14).

Celebrity Baby Scoop was on hand, alongside Daddy Scrubs, to chat with the celebs. “This is my first time out of the house and my first time socializing since I had my son,” Essence Atkins told us. And we learned that Twilight star Alex Meraz and his wife Kim are expecting another son! Read on for quotes from Esai Morales and more…

We asked Esai Morales: What was your reaction when you learned you were going to be the daddy?

EM: “Is this really happening? I’ve been told this before and it wasn’t right. So I prayed really hard and said, “God if this is the one, let it be. But if not, don’t”. I was being prepared for the one that was meant to be. I got light headed. This is life changing. Then when we got our first sonogram it looked like our baby is playing a horn or a trumpet. And I thought, how cool, we have an angel or a musician. I was thinking about names like, Louie for Louie Armstrong. Then the other reaction was when they told us it was a girl. My gal told me and I turned white. Everything shifted when I learned it was a girl. You reel back in all the fantasies of going fishing with your son or going to the ball game. The white was from imaging what I was going to do with my little angel. Take her fishing? So I had to recast in my head and I was extremely happy.”

We asked Lindsay Sloane: Will your hubby Dar Rollins wear the Daddy Scrubs?

LS: “This is so nice; the dad’s never get anything. And I promise you he will be wearing these.”

We asked Alex Meraz‘s wife Kim: What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?

KM: “This is my second so it wasn’t that much of a surprise, our other son is four. When we did find out it was a shock, but we were happy.”

How about the name; was it difficult to choose; did you argue over it?

KM: “Always. Constantly. It took us forever to agree. So we haven’t even gone to that territory yet this time around. We’re having another boy.”

Was the first one scary?

KM: “Yes. First time it was scary, but you throw all the emotions into a big tumbler. It s a little bit of everything.” Once you hold that little guy though, all the nerves are out the window.”

Do you become a better person after you become a parent?

KM: “It’s true. They’re amazing. All nerves go out the window. Once you’re holding that little guy or little girl, it’s all there.”

We asked The Comeback star Kim Kevon Williams: How did you come up with the name Landon?

KKW: “My hubby found it online. All the names I liked he didn’t like, and all the names he liked I didn’t like. And then he was looking online one day and he said, “What do you think of the name Landon?” And I said, “I like it, what do you think, he said, “I love it.” And I was like, “Perfect.””

We asked Joey Lawrence‘s wife Chandie: Did Joey wear the Daddy Scrubs during the delivery of your second child?

CL: “As soon as I was induced, he put the scrubs on and then he ran around the whole hospital wearing them. And everyone was like, ‘Are you working here?'”

Did he stay in them the whole time?
CL: “Absolutely. He was too busy to change.”

Was it a different experience, did he feel better having a uniform?
CL: “It did, I think he felt more official. He owned it. He was trying to help the doctors.”

We asked Project Runway designer Michael Costello: What went through your mind having your first child?

MC: “With your first kid it’s impossible to know what to think. The first thing you want to do is wrap it up in a blanket and keep it with you so no one takes it. But seriously, it’s the coolest thing. It’s that first moment that hits you when you think, I’m a daddy. Wow, this is insane. So you take a whole bunch of new responsibilities and you don’t know where to start. It’s kind of weird, but it’s the greatest thing you could ever experience.”

Do you become a better person because you’re a dad?

MC: “Yeah, you find yourself doing things you’ve never done before. You’re making breakfast not just for yourself but also for someone else. You find yourself at other places and you have to remember is this okay for the kid first. Your whole lifestyle changes when you have a kid. But you know they’re not bad changes; you make the changes for something that’s wonderful.”

On seeing his son grow up:

MC: “When your kids get older and they develop their own little personalities, it’s cool cause you get to see who they turn out like. My son, he’s nothing like me. He’s totally into sports. Like basketball, hockey and video games. And I’m the total opposite. But just to see what likes he’s into is really cool.”

You might learn a lot from him about sports that you didn’t know?

MC: “I’ve learned a lot about video games. The only games I remember playing are like Super Mario Brothers and now there’s the other games, like Halo, and I see that he’s really into it. So I sat down with him for the first five minutes trying to figure out what he was doing and I gave up and I then I said, “Okay son, just tell me when it is time to buy a new video game.”

Also in attendance at the event: Six Feet Under alum Jeremy Sisto and his 2-year-old daughter Charlie (pictured above), Brother’s & Sisters star Gilles Marini and his daughter Juliana, adoptive mom-to-be Jillian Michaels, Entertainment Tonight‘s Nancy O’Dell, and actor Columbus Short and his pregnant wife.

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