Alyson Hannigan Talks Baby No. 2

With her second baby on the way, actress Alyson Hannigan says she’s quickly learning that every pregnancy is different.

“I had such strong cravings and knew exactly what I wanted to eat and I wanted it right this second,” she recalls of her pregnancy with Satyana, now 2 1/2. “With this one, it’s like, ‘Whatever, that’s fine.’”

The How I Met Your Mother star, who reveals that she’s busy planning an eco-friendly nursery for the baby on the way, says that she’s happy not to have to hide her pregnancy on the show this time around (her character Lily is also expecting!).

“It would have been better if I was due a little earlier so I wouldn’t have to wear a pregnancy pad,” Aly admits, adding that with Satyana she “had to hide behind things a lot. This time I don’t have to.”

Alyson will soon be back on the big screen in the new American Pie film, in which her character Michelle has left “band camp” behind to make room for motherhood.

“I think it’s just as funny, if not funnier, than the first film,” she says. “Fans of the first one or any of them will really be happy.”

Alyson and her husband Alexis Denisof confirmed that they’re expecting baby #2 last month.

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