Sandra Bullock & Her Beautiful Boy

I hate to play favorites, but I’m just going to go ahead and say that Sandra Bullock‘s son Louis is my favorite celeb kid (sorry, all you other super-cute offspring of celebrities.)

The Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close star was spotted as she picked up her adorable son – who turns two this month – at school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (January 19).

In a recent interview Sandra talked about the impact filming the 9/11 drama had on her. “Going through life, you see something happen and you just go, ‘I need to reach out and let everyone that I love know how much I love them,'” she said.

“Unfortunately it always takes something big to remind us to do that. Hopefully this movie will remind people over and over and over again to just embrace and love and take care and appreciate what we have.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Arabella


  • Alix

    Indeed. But why’s this kid in school before he’s even TWO??

    • Anonymous

      This question gets asked every time there’s any reference to small child going to “school.” It’s preschool. It’s just the same thing as daycare, and it’s mostly just to watch the kids (for those whose parents work) and/or to get them socialized with other children.

      • Anonymous

        Preschool and daycare are NOT the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Does that kid ever smile??

    • Anonymous

      Probably not. I’m sure he’s miserable. Probably lucky he gets fed and gets beaten by his mother, too.

      (There. Is that what you were looking for with that stupid question?)

  • Anonymous

    yes he smile there have been tons of smiley photos. Most people dont have a smile on their face 100% of the time and he is young with stranger always following him and calling his name. I feel that celebrity kids who smile around camera parents kinda make a game out of it make it more silly so the kids won’t be scared but I also feel when the parents are scared or annoyed by the cameras the kids are the same way.

  • Anonymous

    Also, not every child is bubbly and cheerful around strangers to start with. One of my little cousins always had a suspicious or rather grumpy expression on his face whenever a stranger wanted to talk to him, but was the sweetest and most smiley boy around his family. Not surprising, really.

  • Anonymous


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