Jessica Alba Talks About Selling Baby Photos & Beyoncé

In a recent interview with CNN’s A.J. Hammer, Jessica Alba explained why she and Cash Warren sold the first photos of Honor to OK! magazine when she was a newborn.

She said, “For our family, we just wanted to control the experience. We put the money that the picture made into a bank account for Honor to do whatever she wants to do with. It’s her picture, it’s her birth, and we didn’t want it to be like a weird thing when we were walking out of the house for the first time.”

Introducing Honor their own way reduced the intrusion of the paparazzi.

If there’s a price tag on your child — which is so bizarre — people will go to crazy lengths. We wanted to avoid that hysteria.”

The subject came about when A.J. asked her what she thought Beyoncé and Jay-Z should do in terms of releasing Blue Ivy’s baby pictures.

To that question the actress replied, “To each his own. The biggest thing is having a healthy baby … I’m sure Beyoncé will make the best decision for her family.”

Jessica and Cash reportedly received $1.5 million for the OK! photo shoot. Fortunately for the Spy Kids star, it was a pleasant experience.

She revealed, “We were friends with the photographer. It was just a nice day in the house. We’ll have those beautiful pictures forever. You can give the money to charity and to your baby and that’s it.”

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  1. LaKesha

    Beyonce should definitely sell the picture. It’s makes good business sense.

  2. Courtney

    Ms Alba should butt her ass out stars have been selling pics of their children for over 70 years it’s nothing new. though some celebs never do and the child didn’t ask to be born of famous paents

  3. Anonymous

    such a turn off for the hefty price of these pics. She got $1.5 mil for pics of Honor? Honor? Jessica Alba is a C-list actress to say the least. That’s why I admire the Jolie Pitts who give the money to charity. Heck, even Bridget Moynahan, even if she only got 10% of what Alba got, gave the money to charity.

    • Janna

      Jessica Alba may be a C-list actress to you, but $1.5M is not C-list money.

      I’m not sure why so many people think that celebrities have to give, give, give to chartiy. Sure, they can afford it, but it’s really none of anyone’s business. I think it’s sweet that they put it in the bank for their daughter.

  4. Anonymous

    ….and you continue to sell out your children Ms Alba, on an almost daily basis.

  5. Elizabeth

    People on this forum should really chill out. She is giving her opinion. I think she made a good choice.

  6. Anonymous

    she should just keep her mouth shut- and donate that money to charity. Another trust fund brat in the making.

  7. chump

    “We put the money that the picture made into a bank account for Honor to do whatever she wants to do with.”

    all I have to say is 1.5 MILLION dollars

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