Salma Hayek & Valentina: Rainy Day In Paris

Salma Hayek and her 4-year-old daughter Valentina were seen leaving Costes restaurant in Paris, France on Friday (January 20).

The actress was dressed casually and wore a leather jacket, red sweater and jeans. It was only this past Sunday that the Puss In Boots star looked gorgeous in a Gucci gown at The Golden Globes.

Hayek once shared how she and Valentina spend time together.

She said, “Well, I am a crazy mother. I actually do dress up with her and we play cards. My daughter likes to play actress, which is not very convenient because sometimes I work the whole day and I just want to go home and be me.

“I did four movies this year, and I know I have to come home and be the gardener or, I have even been a chair or a table. She loves to play different roles and she sort of a director in it, because she tells you what your name is, what is it about – you should be doing this and that. We love to dance together, we love to make little houses. I love to draw with her and she loves to read.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Wonder if she is still breast feeding the kid…

  2. Anonymous

    She can’t hold her own umbrella?

  3. Anonymous

    She was dressed casually but she needed someone to hold her umbrella? Lame.

  4. Whatever

    her daughter looks weird…is something wrong with her?

  5. kate

    Valentina looks like Quasimodo from disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  6. Tan

    Not the cutest kid but no doubt like Rumer and the rest, she’ll inexplicably land a modelling contract before she’s 18.

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