Hugh Jackman & Ava: Snowy Morning In NYC

Snowball fight! Hugh Jackman and daughter Ava, 6, took to the sidewalks of New York City on Saturday (January 21) for a little cold-weather fun.

The duo brought along their dog Peaches (dressed in her winter best) and at one point playfully lobbed a snowball at the paparazzi. At least it looked playful.

Hugh recently announced that he will star in Houdini, the Broadway musical about the life of the turn-of-the-century illusionist. “I have been deeply fascinated by the life of Harry Houdini since I was young, and in many ways I’ve been preparing for this role my whole life,” the Tony Award winner said. “I am thrilled to be collaborating with this collection of artists who are all at the top of their game.”

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Photo credit: Splash

  • JLM

    the dog in that photo is hilarious. he’s getting into it too, & the boots!

    • Janna

      I agree, so funny! I didn’t even know that you could buy doggie boots!

  • Anonymous

    Really cute photo but I wonder why we don’t see he son with them, it always Jack and Ava playing, walking around NY or him taking her to school.

  • Anonymous

    The dog is the star of this photo set. lol

  • Anonymous

    Dog’s name is Dali – cute boots!

    • anonymous

      This dog is always referred to as Peaches.

      • Digott

        Incorrectly being referred to as Peaches doesn’t change the fact that his name is Dali.

  • Wendy

    Ava always looks so happy! And that dog’s boots are SO CUTE! love it!

  • ChiTownEggHead

    What fun photos! They all look like they are having such a good time.

    I would’ve loved to have seen that photographer’s reaction to getting hit by a snowball.

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for his son. In all pictures it’s always him having fun with Ava, and in interviews he’s always raving about his daughter while his son just gets a mention.

    • Ella

      You are joking, right? He loves his son and talks about him a lot. Maybe you just listen to the wrong interviews. He loves both his kids equally. Maybe Oscar just didn´t want to go out or was at school (Ava is still in the pre-school) so Ava went out with him because she had time. Feel sorry? You should feel sorry for kids without parents, not Oscar.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment shows that don’t know much about the family. Both children are well loved. Oscar hates the papparazzi while Ava loved the attention and actually plays with them. Oscar is also involved with lots of other activities so may have been off doing something else. Hugh talks about Oscar just as much as Ava and he even performed on stage a few times during Hugh’s one man show. The two children are very different in personalities, likes & dislikes and they are lucky enough to have parents who let them be themselves.

  • anon.

    Let us not ignore the theory he might be with his own friends, goes to school another way or with his mother or by other transport, inside doing his own thing. And I am like you and have heard him mention Oscar

  • aditya

    u looks awesome sir……..

  • Raelyn

    Their son Oscar doesn’t like cameras following them everywhere, while Ava seems to enjoy playing with the paparrozi. The Jackmans do not force their children — if they don’t like the spotlight, they do not have to perform in it. Looks to me like a very normal family with loving caring parents. So unusual in the entertainment business. If this bothers you, find somebody else to pick on.

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