Ellen Pompeo & Stella: Coffee Bean On The Go

Ellen Pompeo and 2-year-old Stella Luna were seen out in rainy Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (January 21). Taking her little girl to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the Grey’s Anatomy star wore a black bonnet, a huge scarf and puffy jacket.

Stella sucked on her pacifier and had her cute little rain boots on.

Pompeo, who is married to Chris Ivery, has talked about the importance of staying healthy and being a good role model.

I have to say I’ve always been a little [bit] obsessed with working out and eating right. I’ve been on this track for a while which is why I was passionate about this (Choose You) campaign. I want to teach my daughter the importance of exercising and eating healthy as she grows up.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for unisex clothes but this little girl is dressed like a boy.

    • Annica

      Obviously you are not “all for unisex clothes”. Ugh, I find you comment incredibly annoying.

    • Queenie

      How is she dressed like a boy when she’s simply wearing a raincoat and jeans? You’re an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing wrong with how she is dressed. The one with the problem is you.

    • Anonymous

      What is suposed to be in pink dress 24/7 with flowers,rainbow and princess on it, Would that make it girly enough for you? thier is nothing wrong or boyish about what she has on.

    • Janna

      Don’t not feed the troll. Do not feed the troll. Do not feed the troll.

  • Layla

    I don’t think the original poster meant wear pink 24/7. It’s just that Stella is head to toe in blue and green. Inc dummy. I have little boy and girl and my daughter often wears her brothers hand-me-downs. There is nothing wrong with this, however I always put her in a pink hat or dummy or shoes just because I have had comments about my ‘boy’s’ and I want it to be obvious for her own sake that she’s a girl.

  • Laurz

    Stella is such a cute little girl!

    • Anonymous

      She is???

  • Elizabeth

    Off topic, but hey all you LAer’s, is it THAT COLD there? Ellen looks dressed for NYC weather. What is the deal?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think? You think they just dress like that for the fun of it? Of course it’s cold there. LA is not tropical as many people seem to think. And some people are more sensitive to cold than others. What might feel very cold to some might not feel that cold to others. People who live in LA tend to be more sensitive to cold than people in a place like NY who are more used to it.

  • Whatever

    is that a boy?

    • Anonymous

      Are you a boy?

      • Whatever

        well i dont dress like that, so I’m a girl
        how about you? a boy too?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe you.

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