Gabriel Aubry Being Investigated For Child Endangerment & Battery

Big trouble for male model Gabriel Aubry! Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend is being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery against their 3-year-old daughter Nahla, TMZ reports.

According to the police report, Gabriel allegedly pushed his nanny into a door while she was holding Nahla in her arms.

Law enforcement sources report that the father-of-one was supposed to take Nahla to school Wednesday but kept her home instead. The nanny – who worked for both Gabriel and Halle – went to the school to pick up Nahla only to learn she was not there.

Reportedly, the nanny then went to Gabriel’s home and began to question him as to why he didn’t take the Nahla to school.

According to the report, Gabriel replied,

You’re the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don’t need to f**king know anything.” The 6’4″ model then allegedly pushed the 5’2″ nanny out the door with Nahla in her arms.

The nanny filed a police report claiming she was injured. Reportedly, police are investigating Gabriel for both misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

In addition, child protective services has reportedly launched a parallel child endangerment investigation.

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  • Laurz

    I really don’t believe this. He is obviously a good dad.

    • Anonymous

      Halle has wanted total control of Nahla from the start and her PR camp/”friends”/lawyers have been trying to pin anything they can on Aubry for some time. This is just another ploy. I mean, really, should we believe the nanny’s version? Her salary is paid by Halle and it sure ain’t no regular nanny’s salary, that’s for sure. She’ll be in for quite a bonus too!

      • Pete

        I agree this is a ploy, Halle’s a control freak.

      • anonymous

        I totally agree. This has got Halle Berry’s handprints all over it. She’s been trying to get Gabriel out of Nahla’s life ever since hooking up with Martinez. In 2011 she accused him of child neglect which was proven completely false. She’s a selfish controlling person. Hopefully her bad karma will catch up with her in the end.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t WANT to believe this….it’s sad to think that anyone would act like that, especially when a child is involved. But unless you know these people personally…I don’t know that you could say that he’s “obviously a good dad”. Do you know him??

    • Laurz

      You know what, you’re totally right. I apologize for calling somebody a good dad…. Gosh. Obviously you don’t like positivity.

  • Jordan

    Just because he looks good doesn`t mean he is good. Why would nanny create a drama??? There was something wrong from the beginning, otherwise Halle wouldn`t try to keep his daughter from him. He is a loser with great looks. Common..he is only known because of Halle and got any job because of her..and now he is not with Halle, neither he has a job. I totally believe the nanny.

    • SiervaMaria

      Thank you Jordan. I’m outdone by all these “women” mothers who look to defend this guy no matter what is said JUST because they don’t like Halle Berry. This is the kind of denial that allows abuse to sneak in and before you know it, the truth about the one doing the real abuse comes out but it’s to late because someone is dead. Gabriel is a user. Gabriel is broke. Gabriel’s friends who were his business parters have gone on record saying he was using Halle for her prestige and money and when she broike it off and his restaurant failed, he just got uglier. He wants custody of Nahla so “Halle will have to pay. People really need to do their research on the guy and take the halo from above his head and the horns off Halle’s. It seriously makes me ill how so many are defending this guy and looking for excuses to do so. It’s sickening.

  • Anonymous

    she means he is good looking so he must be awesome. i don’t trust this guy. where there is smoke….

  • kmd

    “He is obviously a good dad”?! It amazes me how people form their opinion of others based on pictures. The public assumes they “know” a public person’s character, in this instance Gabe, from his pretty boy looks, assuming he’s a “good father” because he is photographed with his daughter. The paps are interested in Nahla, not him. If he was not the parent of a celebrity’s child he would not even be newsworthy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not condoning his behaviour (if it’s true) but seriously, who is the nanny to question him about why he didnt send HIS daughter to school. Smells like someone is building a change in their custody agreement to me.

    • Anonymous

      I could see the nanny asking that mybe like oh she’s not in school don’t know or could be a set up what ever way sad the child suffers so sad.

    • Anonymous

      She’s a person who cares for the child. She has every right to ask why she wasn’t at school, especially if she was meant to pick her up and not informed that she wouldn’t be there. Nannies are people who know and love the children they care for, not just paid workers who should be expected to keep their mouths shut.

  • Anonymous


    Do you know him personally?

    • Laurz

      No, I never said I did. You would’ve still asked me that if I had said, “He’s obviously a bad dad” anyway…

  • SMH

    I don’t know what to believe but I hope it’s not true.
    I don’t know something about it seems fishy like it was a scheme cooked up by the Nanny and Halle….for Nahla’s sake I hope it’s all a misunderstanding!

  • H

    I agree that I hope it’s not true as that’s awful. To say he’s obviously a good dad though seems strange (why obviously?). Hopefully the police & child protective services will work out the truth & take action accordingly.

  • Sam

    I know a female paparazzi gabriel aubry assaulted in Sept of 2009, stepping on her toes hard after she had taken his and Halle’s photo. Halle is the one who told Gabriel to “back off”…He’s a jerk, I believe this nanny

  • retired Nanny

    For a nanny to risk her job by reporting this problem…I am inclined to believe her! As far as the nanny questioning the child being kept home from school…this is natural! Was she sick? Did she hurt herself? A good nanny is almost an extra parent, she should ask questions!!!!!

  • retired Nanny

    For a nanny to risk her job by reporting this problem…I am inclined to believe her! As far as the nanny questioning the child being kept home from school…this is natural! Was she sick? Did she hurt herself? A good nanny is almost an extra parent, she should ask questions!!!!!

  • retired Nanny

    For a nanny to risk her job by reporting this problem…I am inclined to believe her! As far as the nanny questioning the child being kept home from school…this is natural! Was she sick? Did she hurt herself? A good nanny is almost an extra parent, she should ask questions!!!!!

  • retired Nanny

    For a nanny to risk her job by reporting this problem…I am inclined to believe her! As far as the nanny questioning the child being kept home from school…this is natural! Was she sick? Did she hurt herself? A good nanny is almost an extra parent, she should ask questions!!!!!

  • Pippa

    Halle does have a history of getting involved with men that areviolent and just losers in general.

  • Hannah.J

    I hope this isn’t true but if it is then Halle needs to step in and ban him from seeing his daughter or only let him have supervised visitation.

  • janet

    he is a loser, and slow, halle just wanted his sperm, his white sperm, now that she has it, she don’t need him anymore, dumb bell, stupid, slow, and halle is a trashy tramp, old hang

  • Anonymous

    Honestly – with all of the cooky things Halle has done – this seems like something of her doing. Think about it – the nanny works for Halle AND Gabriel, but just like Nahla the nanny spends most of her time around Halle. Now that Halle has her “new man” Olivier – she wants Gabriel gone. The woman is spiteful and vile, and I do not doubt for even one second that she would do something like this to take Nahla’s father out of the picture. She wants Olivier to be Nahla’s “daddy”. And then when she’s done with him – she will want Olivier gone and the next guy to be Nahla’s daddy. It’s sick.

    Remember when Halle claimed her former step-daughter was like her own? And that even when her ex-husband and her divorced, she would still be in India’s life? Where is India? Halle dropped her too. Once she’s done with someone, she’s done – she pushes them away if they try to come close. Only problem is Gabriel doesn’t want anything to do with Halle – he just loves his daughter, so Halle sees the only way of getting rid of him is to destroy him. The woman is psychotic – I have a friend that used to work for her when Halle was pregnant and for 7 months after Nahla was born. She said Halle was HORRIBLE to work for, be around, etc. Halle was sweet to Gabriel when she wanted something from him – but the man wasn’t allowed to pick out an outfit for his daughter or PICK HER UP without Halle screaching at him like a wild banshee.

    Before this is all said and done – Nahla will eventually be taken from Halle and the truth will all come out, just wait.

    • Anonymous

      Kooky or not, a judge ruled that a nanny had to be present when Nahla stayed over night–don’t know what happened etc. Olivier is only around for publicity for their movie coming out in March –doubt he will be around a whole lot longer no matter how the tabloids want to spin it. Re: India–both Halle & Eric even recently said Halle never adopted India which she admitted a long time ago. Halle being high maintenance and a control freak sure. Known fact she also had him live at one of her homes for most of the time they were supposedly together even until the September after their split. He only appeared to get his check and when Halle needed him. The truth may come out, but St. Gabriel is not as saintly as folks make him even though we know Halle’s a bit touched.

    • Anonymous

      Not true about India–both Eric & Halle have said interviews since. DNK re: OM.
      Probably not totally true about alleged friend who worked for Halle. High maintenance yes. Controlling yes. Gabe appeared when she wanted yes and to get his allowance. Known fact she had him live in one of her homes until Sept 2010 (was in People and other press), so he really wasn’t always around.

  • Anonymous

    More BS from Halle Berry. She wants Martinez in, Aubry out. He will never win against her in court. She has more money for lawyers and courts favor the mother. I wonder how much the nanny got paid to lie. Someday Nahla will know the truth and she is not going to be thrilled with her mother.

  • Anonymous

    Every time Halle breaks up with someone her PR team goes after the guy and puts out all kinds of erroneous stories that make him look abusive. Halle Berry is a devious liar who is willing to destroy people, including her own child eventually, in order to get that which she wants. Clearly she has wanted full custody of that child from day one and has been trying furiously to convince the legal courts, as well as the court of public opinion that her ex is abusive and neglectful in order to eliminate his influence or power over their daughter. She is a hateful, spiteful, self-serving, ego-maniacal witch who wants total control over their daughter and she knows that the only way she will ever get that total control is to have the child’s father completely removed from the picture. It is the epitome of selfish for a mom to destroy an innocent father, as well as the relationship he might otherwise have with his children, in order to gain complete control and affection over said children. Halle Berry is doing just that. She is a beautiful woman on the outside but she is the ugliest of the ugly on the inside. Do some research and talk to those who know her in person. You will quickly find that Halle is one of the meanest women in Hollywood. She hates her ex because he refuses to allow her to control him or his parenting decisions. Halle Berry hates ALL people, especially men, who dare to defy her constant demands. She can’t maintain a healthy relationship with a man for any significant length of time because she does not know how to love anyone but herself and she treats others as though they are her personal slaves, born to do her bidding. If there is anyone in this relationship who should be investigated for child abuse, it is Halle who is inflicting emotional abuse on that child on a regular basis. She’s evil and I look forward to the day when the truth finally comes out. If nothing else, that child is eventually going to grow up and the story she tells about Halle Dearest will be markedly different than the stories of victimhood that Halle and her PR machine will have told us all these years. As someone else has already said, you don’t have to believe it. You can think whatever you want but in time, you who are buying her “poor, sweet, loving parent/perpetual victim to bad, bad men” act will see that she is nothing like that which you have been lead to believe her to be.

  • Anonymous

    Gabriel Aubry should have never have hit the nanny [with his daugher in her arms. ] Period. He is need of “anger management “counseling asap. A grown man should not blame others for what is wrong with him. Most children have a schedule and go to school. Did Aubry notify the school and nanny that he was keeping the child at home since he does “not” have custody? If Mr Aubry has diffuculty communicatig to a nanny who takes care of “his” child then he needs to take some commuication courses. No one is supposed to ask this man a question? And if they do he blows his top. BS Stop blaming this man’s issues on other people. There is a real reason why Aubry was only granted supervised visitation and his behavior and actions–if true–substantiate any prior rumors about him being violent and abusive in the presence of his child or her mother.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know about this guy’s past?

      I know nothing about this situation, but I call BS until more detailed reports about this are made public… These are really serious accusations and I hope for the kid’s sake they are untrue.

  • nicoleC

    i wont believe this !
    He lovessssssss Nahla so much !

  • Anonymous

    @ Anon 8:25 pm- SHUT UP!!! You have know idea what you are talking about. You do not know these people.

    • Janna

      And if that Anon 8:25pm DOES know them, you are no friend.

    • Anonymous

      i never claimed that i know them personally, so read my comment again. MY FRIEND worked for halle, I NEVER DID. and I NEVER CLAIMED TO.

      my friend had a lawsuit with halle that was settled out of court. what was it about? my friend was making breakfast and broke a coffee cup, halle came flying out of the family room and started THROWING THINGS at my friend! she got seven stitches! why would i make something like that up?

      trust me, gabriel has plenty of ammo against halle – and it will all come out. yes, halle has more money for lawyers, but you don’t need money when you have cold, hard PROOF that the other parent is psychotic.

      personally – as long as little nahla is taken care of, that is the main thing. i think this “abuse” needs to be looked into (which it obviously is) and i think that BOTH parents need to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation AS WELL AS attending co-parenting classes/counseling TOGETHER.

      halle’s gotten her way so far and has kept nahla from gabriel as much as she could so far – the women needs to be stopped before she completely destroys nahla’s life.

  • Annie123

    I won’t take sides here, but it seems fishy that such a detailed report would be released by the police. You can’t just reveal the content of a complaint to any news agency if you’re an officer, there’s a clause of secrecy in the job. Obviously Halle’s side released this to the press and I find it disgusting.

    • Janna

      A police report is public record.

    • SiervaMaria

      Are you for real?! It’s women like you who make me want to toss my lunch up. I’m in utter amazement and it’s you and other women like you and men like yourself I find disgusting. You’re so caught up in hating Halle you can’t even fathom the possiblity that Gabriel could (and is) the one off his rocker.

  • Lioness

    I hope it’s not true, for many reasons. Gross, who tells someone they’re a nobody? If she is, then he is too.

  • Whatever

    Halle is a lunatic

  • Heart

    **off topic** am i readin that sign behind Gabriel correctly? Tuition is now due and the late fee is like $5000?!?! Wow! And here I thought paying an extra $5 for daycare if I am late was expensive, lol!

    • Janna

      It probably says $50.00 and the decimal point is too hard to see. That is funny though! LOL

  • Venni

    LOL! It’s probably a 50.00 late fee.

  • Anonymous

    Being positive is important. Everyone wants to believe what they read. That’s not good if someone is being accused of doing something wrong. Just because someone is accused of something – doesn’t mean they did it. Stay positive.

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