Joel Madden Spends Sunday With Sparrow

Joel Madden took 2-year-old Sparrow to a farmers market in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (January 22).

Relaxing in his stroller, Sparrow snacked away while dad browsed around. Nicole Richie and Harlow, 4, weren’t with them.

Ever wonder what life is like with this beautiful family? The rocker dad gave Twitter followers a glimpse over the weekend.

He wrote: “Just got the look of death when my wife asked me if I wanted to help get the kids ready for dinner and I said no I wanna watch football.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again….another boy that looks like a girl. A pony tail on top of his head. Is this necessary? STUPID!

    • Janna

      I will never figure out why this bothers people so much.

  • Anonymous

    If your child’s hair is long enough to put up in a pony/bun, it’s probably time for a haircut.

  • P!nk

    I agree. That totally looks like a girl sitting in that stroller.

  • Anonymous

    Sparrow is a girl ^^

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @8:46 – you mean – if your SON’S hair is long enough to put in a pony/bun, it’s time for a haircut. These little “boys” look ridiculous. I just don’t understand why these people would want their sons to look like little girls?

    • Anon

      Maybe you ALL need to open up your mind…WHO says that girls should have long hair and boys should have short hair> WHO? Some kids- both BOYS AND GIRLS do not like to have their hair cut! If it is a little girl, you put it in a bow. If it is a little boy, you cut it anyway because it is OK to traumatize a little boy?? Get a grip PEOPLE! This is not only NOT your little boy..BUT there is NO LAW that baby boys are required to have short hair just to please YOU! SO sick of this constant BS!

  • Rosy

    Wow, there are a lot of narrow minded people who peruse this site…get a grip. It’s just hair.

  • Anonymous Good Charlotte fan

    Everyone just SHUT UP and just look at how cute Sparrow is! The hair is not important GEEZ! And yeah Sparrow is cute <333 Joel and Nicole make cute babies ^_^

  • Anonymous

    What a cute girl.

  • Maddy

    Sparrow is the cutest little boy ever! Love his hair <3

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