Traci Lords: Motherhood Was “Unexpected”

Former porn star Traci Lords, 43, opens up about motherhood, and admits that her 4-year-old son is the result of a wild weekend in Las Vegas with husband Jeff Lee.

The former Penthouse magazine model, who is now a mainstream film star, gave birth to Joseph Gunnar in 2007. The Cry Baby star admits, “I wasn’t planning on it,” she said of motherhood. “I had fantasies of having a child with my husband, who I’m celebrating 10 years with next month, but it was never a good time. I was always doing a movie or going on tour and singing and all the pressure of having a size-zero a** and all of that was there.”

The mom-of-one added: “I kept putting it off, and then, at 37, I went with my husband Jeff to host a Hard Rock Cafe event in Vegas and we gambled, won some money, drank some vodka, and we came back pregnant! Who gets knocked up at 37? That was amazing and it was completely unexpected.”

Traci is at the Sundance Film Festival promoting the horror flick Excision.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • anonymous

    I loved her in Cry Baby. Such a great movie.

  • Annie123

    If she gave birth at 37 or 38 and is now 43, wouldn’t her kid be at least 5?

  • Anonymous

    He was born October 2007, so he just turned 4. She was 39 when she gave birth. Even if she was in Vegas celebrating her 38th birthday, it doesn’t add up…

  • Anonymous

    I already feel sorry for the kid who’s going to have a traumatized future..

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