Jamie Lynn Spears & Maddie’s Playful Pose

What a cutie!

Jamie Lynn Spears
is gearing up for a return to the spotlight, making her debut as a country music singer. But first, the single mama is getting in some quality time with friends and her 3-year-old daughter, Maddie Briann. From the looks of it, Jamie Lynn and Maddie are having a lot of fun!

“Just playing a little dress up with Maddie – she chose my hat!!” Spears tweeted, with a photo of their coordinating ensembles. “Look at that smile tho-perfect!!”

Jamie Lynn also shared a few pics from New Year’s Eve, which she and Maddie spent coloring in coloring books and playing with sparklers.

These two are definitely ready for their close-ups. We can’t wait to see what little Maddie will be wearing when her aunt, Britney Spears walks down the aisle!

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to a teen mom to let her 3 year old play with sparklers.

    • Anonymous

      ….lots of moms let their small children play with sparklers. i’m certainly not saying it’s safe, but it has nothing to do with her being a teen mom. actually, it probably has more to do with her being from the south (i am from louisiana too). it’s sad how many people around here let their young children play with fireworks.

    • Janna

      I let my 3-year old hold a sparkler when I was there with her. But then again, I was a teen mom, too, so I guess that explains it.

  • Boop

    oh lighten up- she was clearly in a controlled, safe environment… i’m pretty impressed with how JL has been able to raise her daughter out of the spotlight and in a normal, low-key environment.. I thought she could possibly derail like her sister did, especially after her and casey split, but she seems like a mature (albeit temporarily irresponsible for getting preg at such a young age) mom who made the most of a sticky situation.. and maddie is adorable

    • Anonymous9

      I agree. She seems devoted to raising her kid and has grown up to be a very mature young woman. No drama, attention-whoring, no selling of stories by maddie’s father, nothing of any kind.

      • Anonymous

        No selling her story? When she announced she was pregnant she sold that story. She sold the baby shower pic and she sold the pictures when maddie was born

        • Anonymous

          I think what Anonymous9 may have meant is that this child is almost 4-years old an you never hear any nonsense in the news about her or her family. I’m sorry, but she seem to have been laying low for these few years with no drama, and if now she’s plotting to be a country singer, well then, good for her, I guess.

  • Me&Them

    When did country music become the fall-back career?

  • yikes

    Ugh, spare me. She shouldn’t be venerated for having a child at 17, ruining a steady career and upending her position as a role model for little girls. And seriously, a country music singer? Like America really needs another uneducated teenager bouncing around a stage with a glittery guitar pretending to convey legitimate messages. People are so stupid.

  • Jen

    She is such a cutie! She looks just like her daddy.

  • Arabella


  • Anonymous

    “Yikes” Awesome attitude, make sure you teach your children to act the same!

  • Anonymous

    its not that big of a deal that she was playing with sparklers, Jamie was clearly right there with her. Ive seen tons of little kids playing with sparklers.

  • Anonymous

    “yikes” it is people like you who make teenaged parents think that there is no hope and their lives are over. I had my first child at 19 and it was the best thing that ever happend to me. My daughter was never an excuse to not do anything with my life but a reason for me to try harder. I dont live in America but this girl is never seen in global headlines here for messing up like so many other celebs. She had a baby at 17 SO WHAT she is raising her daughter and doing it pretty well from what I see she used to be an icon to teenage girls and I dont see why she shouldnt still be she has taken to the responsibility of her child perfectly which is a brillient example for anyone else her age that finds themselves in the same situation.

    • Anonymous

      I agree but I have to be honest. Saying it’s the best thing that ever happened to you is a bit of a bad statement to make especially when they’re are young impressionable girls out there. Many will think well if she’s so happy being a teenage mum and I want that too. Young girls are very insecure and what attention and love all the time. I feel this is the main cause of teenage pregnancy.

  • SMH

    Sparklers are fine when supervised. Last July I let my 19 month old niece hold one while on my lap. She loved it and must of held a dozen of them throughout the night! Guess what she’s still alive today!

  • Anonymous

    She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have since had more children have a wonderful husband a great carrier and amazing life why shouldnt I let people know that it doesnt have to be the end of it all? All the doom and gloom you’ve wrecked your life speaches dont seem to be doing the trick your always going to have teenaged parent so why not encourage them to make the most of their lives instead of setting them up to fail.

  • Anonymous

    Well im just gonna stay out of all this and say maddie is really cute and yeah jamie was a bit irresponsible for lettinbg herself get pregnant but shes handled it all well and kept herself out of the spotlight and that must have been hard especially when she split up wid her bf. but i dont think teenagers should really be getting pregnant when they have so much to do with their lives.

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