Happy 11th Birthday René-Charles Angélil

Name: René-Charles Angelil

Parents: Céline Dion & René Angélil

Date of Birth: January 25, 2001

Siblings: Eddy & Nelson Angélil (1 year old fraternal twins), Anne-Marie Angélil (born in 1977), Patrick Angélil (born in 1974) & Jean-Pierre Angélil (the eldest)


  • René was born in Florida
  • He arrived three weeks early
  • René was born at 1:00 am and weighed 6 lbs & 8 oz at birth
  • He was named after his father and his grandfather
  • He is bilingual speaking both English and French


“The first thing before I start a show, I think of my kids and always say, ‘This one’s for you guys.'” – Céline on her sons.

“RC’s in a baseball league and there was a ceremony and he said, ‘Papa, do you think it’s possible for Eminem to come and sing the national anthem?’ And René looked at him and says. ‘Oh my God. You can tell this kid has traveled around the world….No, we can’t get Eminem to sing the national anthem.'” – Céline on her well-traveled son.

“We mainly speak French to them, and they speak French to us, too. They wave, they speak French — they’ve got it all.” – Céline on her bilingual babes.

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  1. Grace

    Rene-Charles has 5 siblings, not 2.

  2. shawnna

    yes he has five sibilings Celine only has three kids the other are here husband’s kids.

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