Jennifer Garner & Her Sweet Little Helper

Jennifer Garner took Seraphina with her to run errands around Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (January 24). The pair stopped by the car dealers to look at Toyotas and went grocery shopping in Brentwood. They also went to the Pacific Point Academy and Learning Center in Santa Monica.

Jennifer wore a blue and black top with gray pants while her adorable 3-year-old sported a pink outfit complete with a ladybug jacket. At one point Seraphina took off her jacket and had mom carry her while she held a little bag.

Two years ago Garner was on the Late Show With David Letterman when she talked about being a mom of two kids.

It’s crazy, it’s like having 10 kids. You have one and you think you start to know what you’re doing and you have it under control. And then you have the other one and it all just goes to hell in a hand basket!”

Now with a third one on the way, perhaps the 39-year-old will feel like she’ll have things more under control?

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  • Arabella

    sweet seraphina

  • klutzy_girl

    Okay, there’s no way she’s due in the spring. Unless it’s surprise!twins.

    I definitely think Jen’s going to have this baby soon.

    • kate

      shes gonna be on jimmy kimmel next week so i dont think she would have talk show appearances if she was due within the next week or so. im thinking early march.

  • Anonymous

    Jen is huge! How can she be due in spring?!?
    Seraphina is so adorable. Love this family, can’t wait for the new baby!

  • Anonymous

    Still carrying these enormous older children around on her huge belly like any other day of the year. Geez, let them walk for pete’s sake! We know you are a good mom but this is overkill. GIVE IT A REST!

    • Flashley

      I feel so sorry for you in your life. How unhappy must you be to see a photo of a pregnant woman holding her children, and the first thing that enters into your mind is a nasty critique (that the woman in question will never even see, making it even odder). I will pray for you.

  • Anonymous

    I think shes gaving twins.

  • Anonymous

    Yes she is HUGE. Why is she still carrying those bigger kids all over the place? Let them walk.

  • Anonymous

    I was also thinking that either she’s having twins or she’s due very soon. Her belly looks like that baby is full term now. I love Jennifer and wish her & Ben a healthy baby (or babies!) can’t wait to see what she has!

    I also agree…let those kids walk…

  • anonymous

    i agree- its not the time to show how good mother you are. And…IS SHE STILL PREGGERS? I give up- it will never happen! 😀

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