Amanda Peet: Still “Learning On The Job” As A Mom

Amanda Peet says her real life is similar to her role in NBC’s new romantic comedy Bent. The actress – who raises Frances Pen (a.k.a. Frankie), 4 1/2, and Molly June, 1 1/2, with screenwriter husband David Benioff – tells Breezy Mama what her character is about.

She explains, “I’m a mom, I’m trying to run a household. I do have a very supportive husband, so that’s a major difference. It is very hard to try and do everything well. My theory is strive for mediocrity.”

The 40-year-old actress confesses that she’s still “learning on the job” as a mom.

She adds, “My daughters are thriving.”

So how does she keep in shape?

I’m a very binge exerciser. And right now I’m in a really good moment and I go to the gym and I go on that thing that is an escalator. You’re walking up the stairs basically… it’s actually moving stairs and apparently it’s good for your tuckas.”

As for whether Frances and Molly will be following in her footsteps and catch the acting bug – Peet admits, “All I can say is I hope not.”

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