Michael Jackson’s Kids Memorialize Him In Handprint Ceremony

Michael Jackson‘s children – Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 – helped memorialize the King of Pop with a hand and footprint ceremony outside of Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles today (January 26).

“This, right here, is his lifetime achievement award,” Prince proudly stated. “This is what he strived to get, and this is what we are giving him now.”

The Jackson kids made an imprint in the cement using their late father’s famous sequin glove and a pair of his dancing shoes. Each of them added their own handprint as well.

Also in attendance was Michael’s mother, Katherine, brothers Tito and Jackie, as well as Justin Bieber, Chris Tucker, Smokey Robinson and Quincy Jones.

“He meant so much to me,” Bieber stated. “He was more than entertainer; he was an inspiration.”

In response to Bieber’s sentiments, Paris said,

I know my father would’ve wanted to be a mentor to someone like him, and would be very proud that he came to today’s celebration.”

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  1. Anonymous

    wow, those kids really are white aren’t they? they look more related to justin bieber than any of the jackson family. there’s just no way they were michael’s dna. i wonder if they realize that yet. you’d have to be pretty closed off not to

    • Anonymous

      Wow, those really are CHILDREN aren’t they?? Picking on and bullying kids from behind your computer… go get a life. They know who their father was.. he raised them and was amazing. A better father than mine ever was.

    • Ashley

      You see that? I don’t. I see olive-skinned kids, and that’s not uncommon of biracial children. I honestly don’t care who the bio father is. I believe it’s Michael, you don’t, but that’s ok, because there was only one father in their life, and that was Michael, and NOTHING will ever change that.

    • anonucla

      It is common knowledge among certain circles here in LA that Arnie is the daddy of the first two kids. This way way before MJ died. It only came out after his death because someone talked, but a particular group has known all along, simply because a certain someone could not keep her mouth shut. Other people in the know are not giving straight answers to the question because they do not want to get sued.

      The third child is not Arnie’s, his parents were actually hand picked based on the info in a catalog. Talk about engineering. By the way, the woman who gave birth to him is not his mother, her eggs were not used. It is pretty funny to see how certain people insist they see Michael Jackson in these kids, when in fact, they are not in any way shape or form his offspring. But tell people the sky is yellow and some will actually believe to the point where they would bet their lives on it.

      • Ashley

        Would you stop with that? You have no proof, and it’s entirely unfair and cruel to say that about three children who have ALWAYS been claimed as the biological children by their father and by Debbie (even though she’s not Blanket’s mother). Just stop already! It doesn’t matter. Michael Jackson WAS their father, and that’s all that matters.

      • Ashley

        Would you stop with that? You have no proof, and it’s entirely unfair and cruel to say that about three children who have ALWAYS been claimed as the biological children by their father and by Debbie (even though she’s not Blanket’s mother). Just stop already! It doesn’t matter. Michael Jackson WAS their father, and that’s all that matters.

      • Ashley

        By the way, nice note that you’re going around to all the gossip sites and handpicking little pieces of mysterious rumors and making it seem like you’re in the know. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to genetically engineer a child to come out with your exact eyes and nose like Blanket. People say that Blanket resembles post-surgery Michael, but it’s amazing he came out looking like him at all if he’s not biologically Michael’s as you say. it’s pretty amazing they could just automatically pick what the child would look like. :no: Science is good but not THAT good.

        IMO, Prince’s vitiligo, Blanket’s uncanny resemblance and Paris’ green eyes like Joe’s is enough for me. I don’t care either way, but stop spreading rumors!

  2. Anonymous

    nobody said he didn’t raise them. but they’re clearly not african-american and to think they are is pretty embarrassing

  3. Anonymous

    Get over it already. They are his kids = they were raised by him and consider themselves to be 100 percent Jackson. Is it really necessary to point out how they don’t look like him EVERY time they appear in public? It is getting really old and annoying. They are his children. Their DNA is none of your business.

  4. Anonymous

    The little one is adorable…and the older ones are goodlooking kids as well. I heard Paris is wanting to be an actress??

  5. Anonymous

    These are amazing well adjusted, articulate and gracious kids. What a credit they are to Michael’s parenting skills. God bless him, besides an amazing career, he has so much to be proud of in these three children.

    • Anonymous

      WELL SAID! I totally agree. Would that all children had the attention that these three benefited from during Micheal’s life. Parenting was clearly his best skill (followed of course, by entertaining the rest of us).

    • yvette

      She has got eyes like millions of white people all across the world. The only reason people make a fuss over her is because she is supposedly half black, which is such a lie. If anything, I think she looks downright trashy with all that eye makeup. What is she 14? She looks like she is in her 20s. Not a good look for a kid.

      • Ashley

        Why are you so hateful? Why do you care what these kids genetic makeup is? For your information, it is ENTIRELY possible for Michael’s kids to have light eyes. Joe has green eyes, the exact shade of Paris’ eyes, and Debbie had blue, so it’s not at all a surprise that one of the kids came out with dark brown eyes and one with green. They are GREEN, not blue as the media reports. Who cares? I don’t care if some bum off the street is the bio father. Did he raise them? NO. Michael did. Michael was their father, and unless some other man had a hand in raising those kids, which he didn’t, Michael was the ONLY one that earned the right to be called daddy.

        • yvette

          The only person who seems to be obsessed with their genetic makeup is you. You have got to be the most pathetic person on here. You are like a broken record. “Wah wah wah , they are his kids, they are mixed race, no one can say they are not his, leave Saint MJ alone blah blah blah. I suggest you get a life and stop whining about some kids that could not care less about you. They probably already have your money and they are living it up. Are the Jacksons paying you to defend their lies? You are really not doing a good job, because despite your silly little rants, no one with common sense believes they are his biological kids. Perhaps he was a good father to them, but the fact that he purchased them like cattle and then lied about it. You have no right to tell people what to think. You are acting a fool with your sad little essays trying to defend your idol against what was his own doing. You probably wake up in the morning praying to this dead freak and the children he bought. Sick.

      • Anonymous

        So are you saying that if they are not genetically his – he is not their father? You are TRULY ignorant and hateful. Look at Debra-Lee and Hugh Jackman, they have 2 adopted kids. Are those kids any less theirs just because they did supply the egg/sperm? NO! SO JUST STOP. You have managed to insult every adoptive parent with your hate… Not to mention insulted their kids ENTIRE lives!

        Here is some parenting advise from my mom, “Think before you speak. If it is going to hurt that person or other people do not say it.” OH and I will follow it up with, “It does not matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you are ugly and mean on the inside”.

        The Jackson three are CHILDREN. They LOVED their father. HE is DEAD. Please be respectful of THEIR memories of THEIR DAD.

  6. BB

    I think Paris is stunning, just wait a few more years. At the end of the day, i dont think the public will every really truly know if they are genetically his, but as others pointed out… they identify as his children and were raised as such, so thats all that matters really, there are thousands of kids in the world in the same scenario of being raised not by their “genetic” parent/s

  7. canon

    Three non entities whose claim to fame is that a deranged self hating freak purchased them so he could have some youngins to play Peter Pan with. Have the older ones realized that they have two white parents yet?

    • Ashley

      Ever heard the saying “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all?” Yeah, why don’t you stick to that? You clearly had issues with Michael, are ignorant to his skin condition that was verified by autopsy, and you clearly don’t understand that genetics aren’t simply black and white (pun intended). I bet you think any bio parent ought to have rights to their bio children, too, huh? Even the abusers out there? I bet you think Susan Smith was a stand up parent and did the right thing instead of giving her kids to somebody who would love them. Wait, are you old enough to even know who Susan Smith was?

      Michael did the best he could to protect his children, he loved them, and he nurtured them, and now he’s gone, and he is the ONLY man that raised them and that’s why he’s their daddy. And unless you’ve seen the DNA tests, you can’t say those kids are white. Thank you very much.

      • Anon

        And until you’ve seen the DNA tests, you can’t call those kids mixed.

        • Ashley

          I certainly can. If we can question the paternity of these children, why not all celebrity children? Debbie and Michael consistently said Michael was the biological father, and the only people who ever said otherwise were trying to cash in on Michael’s death. Notice Lester, Klein and Fiddes haven’t said anything about paternity over a year? Klein pretty much denied it in a beat-around-the-bush way, because he knows that if he flat out denies it, people won’t care to talk to him anymore.

          • Laurz

            I am one of the least racist person, and I respect all races, but I just can’t bring myself to believe that these children are mixed. I would consider Blanket to be mixed, but I don’t think Paris or Prince are even a little bit black. I just consider them white, and maybe I’m wrong for that but that’s just the way I see it. But I do respect the fact that Michael was their father, but not bio-logically.

          • Ashley

            And you have every right to your opinion. But Paris has naturally curly hair, olive skin and green eyes, and I’ve seen plenty of biracial people that look like this. Look at a picture of her next to Debbie Rowe, and she is much, much darker.

  8. Anonymous

    Paris is gorgeous!
    I don’t understand why everyone gets so overly defensive when someone points out that these kids are NOT black? It’s so obvious (to most people, at least) and it’s not just the skin colour, it’s the facial features and the hair, too. I hope that some one, some day, proves me wrong, with definite DNA evidence. Until then, they are not black, even though they are definitely Jacksons. No one’s denying that.

    • Ashley

      People get defensive because a.) it’s disrespectful to these kids and to their late father, b.) it’s not obvious to EVERYONE that they aren’t black or biracial, because biriacial people come in all shades and skin tones and hair textures, and c.) it doesn’t matter, because there will never be DNA testing, so nobody will ever know for sure, and the debate is YEARS old now and needs to stop. Nothing will ever change the way those kids felt about their dad or how he took care of them from birth.

    • Ashley

      People get defensive because a.) it’s disrespectful to these kids and to their late father, b.) it’s not obvious to EVERYONE that they aren’t black or biracial, because biriacial people come in all shades and skin tones and hair textures, and c.) it doesn’t matter, because there will never be DNA testing, so nobody will ever know for sure, and the debate is YEARS old now and needs to stop. Nothing will ever change the way those kids felt about their dad or how he took care of them from birth.

      • anonymous

        yes mixed people come in all skin tones and hair textures, but do you really think all 3 kids would look 100% white? really??? how many mixed people do you know? what does their hair look like (before chemicals and straightening). none of these kids have 1 black feature. possible yes, but you’d have to be pretty stupid to believe he’s the father of all 3.
        michael couldn’t stand being black and hated the way he looked to the point of making his nose fall apart….do you really think he’d pass those genes on? he wanted white kids because he wanted to be white himself.
        i can’t believe how little logic there is floating around this world. you guys will believe anything you’re told.

        • canon

          This Ashley fool is the biggest idiot on the planet. Poor thing, she is obsessed with Michael Jackson and want people to love him too. And loving him means believing that he only had two nose jobs and had two white kids. She is all over the place expressing her horror at people who do not believe he fathered those kids.

          • Ashley

            Typical to attack and call someone an idiot for not seeing your point of view. I am a Michael Jackson fan, yes, but I don’t believe he was a perfect person. I once doubted the paternity myself, but once those masks came off, I saw that the boys have his eyes, and then I put the facts together. Prince has VITILIGO. Fact, explained by the kids themselves. Michael had VITLILIGO, fact, proven by autopsy. Fact, .5 to 1% of the world’s population has vitiligo and it can be inherited. It would be a mighty big coincidence for the kid to have gotten the condition from a sperm donor.

            There are plenty of mixed kids out there who have light features and straighter hair. You are a fool if you think that it’s impossible. Step outside your house once in a while and take a look around.

            You don’t know what I believe about Michael. I believe he had more surgery than he said, but that doesn’t mean anything about the rest of what he said. You think he lied about everything? Fine, that’s your perogative. I go by what I see with my own two eyes. Same eyes, same nose (Blanket) same skin condition (Blanket), Prince looks like his great grandfather, Paris looks mostly like Debbie, which is fine, because it’s not a crime to not look like one or both of your parents, and Blanket mostly resembles Michael.

            Call me obsessed and a fool, but I haven’t said anything crazy whatsoever. I’m trying to show you how ignorant you are being by saying it’s impossible those kids can be his. You say they are white because they have light skin. I think Rashida Jones looks white. She has hair like Paris’, she has light skin, she has a slim nose, she always has. I think Mariah Carey is naturally much more pale than Paris. Mariah is more obviously biracial once she’s been out in the sun for a while.

            I don’t care what the paternity of these kids are, but it’s rude to go around saying he bought these white kids, when you have no idea if that’s true. THAT is foolish and THAT is cruel to those kids.

  9. Ondine

    It’s just that some people don’t think a black guy should be buying white children and raising them w/out a mother’s love and influence. And now that their father is dead, they have no parents to raise them, just an aging grandmother. It’s sad, very sad.

    • Ashley

      And you’ve seen the receipts on this? The DNA tests? You are awful full of yourself if you think that what you say is the truth. Unless you are psychic or have seen the tests, then you don’t know. Plenty of single parents get surrogates or end up being the parent with sole custody without an active second parent. Michael Jackson was not an anomaly there. He was a single dad, and Debbie chose not to be a mother. If you want to take issue with someone, take issue with her. Michael was the only active parent in their life, and those kids have constantly spoke of how great he was with them and how much he loved them, and I have a feeling, that is an unwavering belief in them, and they will never forget him.

    • Janna

      Do you think every parent who uses a sperm donor, egg donor or surrogate is “buying” their children?

  10. Anonymous

    They obviously are NOT his BIOLOGICAL children but they are his kids because HE raised them.

    • Ashley

      Really? You say potato…I think Blanket looks just like Michael as a little boy. Same eyes, same nose, just with straighter hair and lighter skin. A girl I work with has a little girl who is biracial. Mom is white, dad is black. The little girl is paler than her mother, has blue eyes, and she has black hair that is wavy but not very curly at all. It happens. Both of Michael’s sons have the same dark brown eyes he had, and Paris has green eyes, which Joe also has. So it’s not impossible AT ALL. Stop saying it is. Either you never stepped outside your house and took a good look around and never had biology class, or you aren’t old enough to have taken biology yet. Either way, it’s NOT obvious to everyone that they are 100% white, because I don’t think they look that way, and neither do many others.

  11. Anonymous

    A load of grown ass people who think they can decide where these children came from???? How about you all get on with your lives, look after your own children and leave these kids alone?

  12. Ashley

    Why do people have to mess up a really sweet article with such negativity? It was a lovely ceremony, and I think it’s clear these kids loved their daddy very much. They’re children, after all. Nothing will ever replace Michael in their lives, so stop being so harsh toward three children. They seem like lovely kids, and who cares what their genetic makeup is? Obviously they don’t? No DNA test would ever change how they felt about their dad, how he felt about them or that they were his legal children and legally entitled to their inheritance.

  13. Ashley

    Anyway, I believe it was a lovely thing that the kids did yesterday. I feel for them that they have been thrust into the spotlight, but the two older ones are of age now that they can decide what they want. Paris herself said that her dad would work on her with improv, and Prince said that Michael got someone from UCLA to come out and teach them about filmmaking. I think Michael knew his kids wanted to go into the business, so he was trying to prepare them as best as he could. I think Paris is stunning, Prince is a handsome young man, and Blanket is just as adorable as ever.

  14. Danielle

    I love when people show their ignorance. Three olive skin toned kids can’t possibly be biracial. you really need to get out more. The oldest boy has vitiligo too. Can’t explain that can you? That’s what i though.

  15. SMH

    I actually think Blanket looks alot like him.

    I don’t know if they’re his kids biologically but it doesn’t matter and I hate that everytime these kids are on some blog someone has to question it. Leave them alone! It’s okay for Shiloh to think she’s a boy and call herself John but MJ’s kids believe they are his and 1/2 black so be it!! Doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to any of you! Those are his kids. Sperm does not make you a father. Someone who cares for you and takes care of you is your father which is what Michael did!

    The kids are beautiful esp that Paris. Once again though I hope they don’t grow up too quickly like the rest of the Jackson’s did. Michael would of wanted these kids to be out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

  16. Sofia

    Blanket is part Italian not Hispanic.

  17. Ashley

    I’m a fan, definitely, of Michael Jackson’s. People say I’m obsessed, so be it. But I will always believe that Michael and Debbie were telling the truth about these kids just based on the facts. IMO they look like him. Maybe they don’t to you, but that doesn’t give you the right to make fun or to belittle the relationship these three had with their dad. I’m appalled that Celebrity Baby Scoop allows comments that suggests things like the kids weren’t REALLY Michael’s, when he was their dad in every sense of the word. It’s deplorable. Leave them alone to live their lives. They are 100% Jacksons despite what people may think.

  18. soli

    michaelll !! where are you? i miss you. we dont care if this children belong to you or not. when you say yes i believe whatever you say whatever you do. please be happy wherever you innnnn, God will save. love you.

  19. Jennie

    To everyone using the whole “They don’t look mixed” card: Have you ever watched the show Prison Break? The lead male, Wentworth Miller who played Michael Scofield, has a white mother and a black father. If he didn’t outright say it, no one would guess that about him. He looks like a typical “white boy” lol so no, just because someone doesn’t “look” mixed, doesn’t mean that they are not.

    FYI, his kids do have an olive-toned complexion, which is gorgeous. Paris is such a pretty little girl! But even if Michael Jackson is NOT their biological father, which really is no one’s business, he is their father. He raised them. He provided for them, protected them and most important of all… loved them. That is all that matters.

    • canon

      The above is really stupid. Google Wentworth’s Miller father and you will see a man who is the same color as his son and looks very much like him. Your point is moot as the senior Miller is obviously mixed. When Wentworth grows his hair out, you can tell he is not 100% white. You can hardly compare Wentworth’s mixed father to black Michael Jackson. Three kids in a row with no black traits and who look nothing like him just does not happen.

      • Ashley

        He didn’t have three kids in a row with the same woman. He had two children with Debbie Rowe. One came out with dark brown eyes, black hair (when he was a baby through a year old). The other came out with curly brown hair and green eyes. Then he had Blanket with another woman, and Blanket came out with black hair and dark brown eyes and that wide nose. Blanket, of all three, looks the most mixed, but I see it in the other two. It’s not just hair and skin. It’s eyes and smiles and builds, etc. I look nothing like either of my parents, but I know I’m their biological child, because I look like my mother’s brother and my dad’s mother. Prince looks like his great-grandfather Samuel, IMO.

      • Jennie

        There is absolutely no need to say anything is “stupid”. I have never seen a picture of his father, only saw on an interview that he stated that his father is black. It is still in his genes. I have also seen a picture of him with his hair grown out and it doesn’t look any different other than being a bit thicker. So my point is not moot, thank you. Also there are countless other children and adults that are mixed and come out with blonde hair and blue eyes. So stop being so cynical. I swear, a lot of the people on here just want to argue every single thing.

        Also, since you can apparently not read, I also stated that it DOES NOT MATTER if Michael Jackson is their biological father or not. Who cares? He’s their dad, plain and simple.

    • Anonymous

      AGREED! I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of this. Those r his kids biological or not. NOTHING in the world will ever change that. Michael loved those kids and they loved him! Period.

  20. Anonymous

    The little one looks just like Michael, even how he stands, such a cute boy. I also see the Jackson girls in Paris, and some of his uncles in Prince.

  21. Anonymous

    oh please. there’s no jackson in either of those white kids and everyone knows it. why do you think people think this in the first place? we know what michael looked like (pre-surgery and skin change). and we know they were born through some unusual contractual agreement, by a woman he was not involved with. those kids are not his dna, period. it’s old news by now, it’s just messed up that he felt he had to lie about it, making everyone look stupid who tries to defend him. and keeping his own kids in the dark (or in denial, because they should be catching on at this age).

    • Ashley

      Why are people so defensive every time somebody says those kids are biologically his or that they look like him? A lot of people think they look like him, so why are you so worried about that? The kids have done nothing wrong, they were just born into the world, and their dad raised and loved them. He was their dad, and he said he was the biological dad, and so did Debbie Rowe, so I don’t really understand what the problem is. Lots of biracial kids look white. Michael had mixed heritage. His father’s parents, I think, were considered mulatto. Look up a picture of Michael’s grandfather Samuel and compare it to a picture of Prince at the memorial service. Same EVERYTHING. They look very much alike, it’s eerie.

    • canon

      You can tell that this Assley fool is only trying to convince herself. If she was 100% positive they were his bio kids, she would not need to be spamming the same crap message over and over again. What a loser. She is desperate and mentally unstable, just like Michael was.

      • Ashley

        LOL, I’m not trying to convince myself. I’ve believed they were his from the day they were shown at the memorial service. I don’t really care either way, but I’m sick of all you ignorant fools saying there’s no way they can possibly be his. It’s POSSIBLE. Michael has white and Native American ancestry on both sides, and then there’s Debbie. Not surprised at all that the kids came out lighter than some. But what REALLY sealed it for me was Prince’s vitiligo. Funny how nobody wants to explain that. Michael had it, confirmed by autopsy, and now Prince has it, confirmed by doctors looking at the pix, as well as family members and the kid himself.

        • Anon

          I was always of the opinion that Prince and Paris were Debbie Rowe but not MJ’s DNA. But when I saw the kids on Oprah along with MJ’s parents, brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews..There is a VERY strong family resemblance. Honestly, it does not matter WHO their father really is, it is all about who loved and raised them. But for the sake of argument look at the kids along with their cousins….

          • Ashley

            Absolutely. I know what you mean. I always thought Paris was all Debbie, but she really does resemble the Jackson sisters in their younger days, to me at least. Prince and Jaafar have the same smile, and Prince also bears a remarkable resemblance to Michael’s grandfather Samuel. He especially looked like him in 2009. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Michael clearly did a good thing with these kids, and they seem like pretty great young people.

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