Tom Cruise & Suri: Father-Daughter Time At Disneyland

Tom Cruise took Suri for a day of fun at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. on Wednesday (January 25). Suri, 5, snacked on cotton candy and soda while walking through the park. She also had her face painted with hearts!

The pair also shopped for Disney character toys and climbed up Tarzan’s Treehouse.

It’s not often that we see the pair alone together. Tom had been busy filming in Pittsburgh for his movie One Shot and recently he attended a pre-Golden Globes party while Suri was with Katie Holmes in New York.

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Photo credit: Splash

  • jo hoe

    Why is suri cruise not in school its wednesday come on shes ditching. Why do celebs get their way unless shes has a tutor with her idk but still she need to be in SCHOOL.

  • jo

    Suri cruise is a school ditcher. plus its wednesday she is suppose to be in school learning. Unless her hired a tutor to teach her idk. but celebs always get her way thats what i think or its the money

  • Anonymous

    Seriously you have no idea what her schooling is, I think Scientologists have their kids go to their own schools.

  • Nina D.

    I love how it never occurs to anyone that she could possibly be home schooled. They just take any opportunity presented to pick on her and/or Tom and Katie.

    I was home schooled for my last three years of High School and, despite taking more classes than usual, I still only had a couple hours of schooling a day, then was able to do whatever I wanted.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, calm down. You have no idea what this child’s schedule is like. How do you know she didn’t go to school earlier in the day or maybe she is homeschooled? Is there some rule that kids can’t go out on weekdays? People need to stop acting like they know what’s going on in celebrities’ lives. Just because you see some photos of them doesn’t mean you know everything about them.

  • Anonymous

    and she is 5, she could even do half day kinder.

  • Susannah

    Wow, she’s 5? She’s going to be taller than Tom in no time!

  • anonymous

    Walking on her own, weather appropriate clothes, flat shoes! We should all look out, the apocalypse must be nearing!

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