Tori Spelling’s Grove Gang

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott had their hands full as they stopped by The Grove in Beverly Hills, California yesterday for a chat with Extra‘s Maria Menounos (January 25).

Dad cradled adorable baby Hattie while older siblings Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, danced, crawled and wrestled around underfoot. The reality star couple were there to talk about next week’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood season finale. Tori later took to Twitter to share a cute pic of her with Dean and their baby girl.

The Spelling-McDermotts weren’t the only famous faces spotted at The Grove yesterday: Mom-of-two Jessica Alba was there to dish on her new venture, The Honest Company. And singer Seal was also there – with his wedding ring still on – to promote his new album.

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Photo credit: Splash News

  • anon

    Isn’t the Grove a shopping mall? Seems odd that this tv show is using a mall in lieu of a studio.

    • carolyn Robertson

      It is a big outdoor shopping center, but Extra films celebrity interviews there regularly

  • Anonymous

    2 not so attractive people make cute babies.

    • Anonymous

      Tori Spelling officially looks like a caricature. What a shame.

  • SMH

    As I sit here wrapped with a blanket I can’t help but think how warm and toasty these pics look. I would like to be somewhere warm.

    oh the kids are cute too.

  • Anonymous

    Who bring their baby to Extra!? So weird.

    • Anonymous

      Someone who love the media attention like Tori and why not its not like though kids have any sort of privacy.

    • freya

      And if they hadn’t someone would have complained that nannies were bringing up their children or something equally silly. I feel bad for the celebrities on this website because they can’t do anything right in everyone’s eyes.

  • Arabella

    ^^ Mario Lopez

  • Anonymous

    We’ve got some jealous people in here today. Why do you come here if all you want to do is make nasty comments about nice people? Get a life.

    • Anonymous

      The only way for some people to feel better about themselves is to tear other people down. It’s sad they can’t just be happy with their own lives.

    • Anonymous

      The only way some people can feel good about themselves is to put others down. Sad but true. Cute kids btw.

    • Grace

      No, we don’t have jealous people here. We have people who have pointed out that Tori and Dean exploit their children for media attention. And they do. Just because a person doesn’t worship the ground a celebrity walks on does not make them jealous.

      • carrie J

        I like your reply, those people “anonymous” are always making sarcastic comments and are bothered that people have opinions, its so obvious who the TRULY jealous one is!!!

        • Anonymous

          Nobody is bothered that anyone has opinions. But there is a difference between having an opinion and stating that opinion publicly for other people to read. When you state an opinion publicly, other people have just as much right to criticize it.

  • Anonymous

    I love how Liam is playing with Hattie’s feet.

  • Carlie

    Who’s jealous?

    No said anything mean or hurtful, she like the media attention if she didn’t she wouldn’t be on a reality show with her family, its one thing to be harassed by the paparazzi, it’s another to voluntarily put the camera in your house and your kids faces 24/7.

    What privacy do her kids have if its not on the show she tweets pictures of her kids or sell photos of them or their birthday parties to magazines, can they ever do or say anything with out Tori or Dean telling/showing it to the public?

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