Vanessa Paradis Blasts “False” Rumors Of Split With Johnny Depp

Tabloid headlines have all but confirmed that longtime lovebirds Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are the latest celebrity couple to call it quits, but the mom-of-two insists that there is no truth to the latest round of rumors.

“Yes it’s false – of course it’s false!” the Cafe de Flore star tells French TV show Grand Journal. “People say we are buying houses in the middle of nowhere, or that we have fifty two houses in France. All [of those rumors are] not too serious, but this latest one is a rumor which could cause a lot of harm to my family and my children.”

Despite the constant media speculation, Vanessa says they try to ignore the rumors: “These magazines end up in the fireplace or the toilet.”

Though they’ve never tied the knot, the couple always seemed to have enjoyed a happy life outside of the spotlight, making a home in France with their kids Lily-Rose and Jack.

“I’d wanted to be a mother for a long time, but with him I couldn’t avoid it,” Vanessa revealed in 2010. “He was, and still is, the love of my life.”

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  • ZaraB

    Thank goodness!!!!!! I love these two, and would hate to see them separate. At least one couple has to stay together in Hollywood!

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s pulling a Russel brand “we are in love and married until death apart we’re happy together, we’re still together blah blah” 1 week later i filed for divorce. LOL Ohh Hollywood celebs why do you say one thing and then the next week you do a next. People aren’t going to believe anything you say when you are known for that. Vanessa Paradis got pregnant 3 months after meeting Johnny Depp it’s obvious he stayed for the kids not for Vanessa i doubt Johnny would leave or divorce her because he’s staying for the kids sake and he wouldn’t want a custody battle and all that. As for Vanessa well she got prego 3 months after meeting him i’m pretty sure she got him that’s all she wanted. It’s not that far from majority of families though.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. She got pregnant right away not 3 months more like 3 Days. Makes you wonder..Jd
      Would stay for the kids but gees for how long? Cant blame em to call it quits. Until Johnny himself States it on Tv or at least in a reputable mag We will believe this. Btw we have never ever heard him stay “I love her”. Whatever we will see.

      • Anonymous

        Johnny Depp is only there for the kids sake. He even admitted to wanting kids and asking his then girlfriend Kate moss to have kids but she turned him down then he goes on in an interview saying he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find someone who he can have kids with. Then what do you know he finds an easy woman who gets prego 3 months after meeting him LOL and yeah he said it was love at first sight after he saw her back of the dress lol wtf? we all know what that means. Anyways at least he’s there for the kids sake.

        • Laurzz

          Or, maybe they’re actually happy together and positivity does really exsist? Who knows…

          • Anonymous

            3 months after meeting him AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

          • Anonymous

            Couldn’t you flip that around and say that he got her pregnant three months after meeting her? Heck, for all we know, he refuses to wear condoms.

            Can your peabrain comprehend that it takes TWO to make a baby?

            Or are you just such a misogynist that all women are gold-digging, man-trapping whores in your eyes?

    • Anonymous

      It’s amazing how many “she trapped him comments” there are on this website. Every single woman that gets pregnant by a celebrity, even if she is a celebrity also, seems to have trapped her man.

      Are you freaking kidding me? Why does everyone always comment about the poor guy who is trapped and only staying with the woman because of the kids? You know sometimes, in 2012, it’s the woman who stays with the man for the kids sake. Considering you know nothing about their real relationship, either scenario (or neither!) is just as likely as the other.

      But man, how about a little less “she’s a whore, he’s a poor trapped soul” from the people around here???????????

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention, people always seem to forget that it takes two people to start a pregnancy. A woman can’t do it all by herself. If a man doesn’t want to become a father, there are birth control methods available that don’t rely on trusting the woman. People who say that a woman trapped a man are so ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    She’s obviously very self conscious of her teeth, never smiles with her mouth open, so why not get them fixed? They can definitely afford it.

  • Anonymous

    How would anyone know if they’ve separated or not? They ain’t married there will be no divorce filed because they ain’t married. Common law relationships are so easy to deny or admit too.

  • Anonymous

    On the new cover of In Touch magazine, there is a photo of him kissing his publicist, and they look like boyfriend/girlfriend. What’s that about? Maybe Vanessa just doesn’t want to talk about it, so she just said they are still together.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @8:20 said “i doubt Johnny would leave or divorce her”. He can’t DIVORCE her if they were never married. But I do agree, she got knocked up to try and keep him.

  • Anonymous

    It is VERY sad that people still insist they are breaking up. Are you people WANTING them to split? How would you feel if you denied a vicious rumor and people still insisted it was true? You all need to grow up. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a woman who cleared it up and defended her family and maybe they’re just taking some time apart and not seperating or splitting. And she’s not conscious of her teeth, there are dozens of photos with her smiling wide.

    • Anonymous

      they insist because they cant stand that they are still together after 13 years its called jealousy

  • Anonymous

    She is ugly. Always wondered why one of the prettiest dudes in Hollywood picked her.

    • Keli

      Ok that bugs me. Why do people always have to talk about looks. I got so many comments years ago about why I would be with my husband. Apparently he wasnt good enough looking for me. But I fell in love with him anyways. Hes the perfect gentleman I need and a greatest ass*ole when im being a big time beoch;) 9 years and two kids and I still think he the sexiest man ive ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      Based on the way you write, it’s clear you have limited education, so I know you probably will never understand this, but:

      Physical appearance has little to do with attraction and compatibility. Only people like you, who probably talk about the worth of a person based SOLELY on how “hot” they are, think that she is somehow not worthy of him.

  • good

    vanessa got pregnant so fast because they met four years before and they were madly in love at first sight when they met again in 1998 and johnny always wanted kids but no woman wanted kids with him but vanessa, eat your earth they love each other and they are still together get over it

  • Screen

    I was lucky to find your blog. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again.

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