Jessica Simpson: Looking Swell In Santa Barbara

Jessica Simpson is spending this weekend with her future in-laws in Santa Barbara. The 31-year-old pregnant Fashion Star and her fiancé Eric Johnson were spotted with his mom leaving a gas station during a road trip break on Saturday (January 28). Johnson’s family were all smiles while cameras clicked away at their rest stop.

Jessica wore a long olive-colored dress with stripes. She added wedges to her look.

With a blossoming baby bump, she’s already thinking about her post-baby body.

She recently Tweeted: “Looking forward to getting back into Daisy Duke shape with @MADfit. I forget what having a waistline feels like!”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    That is by far, with a doubt, most certainly the ugliest dress I have ever seen. And those shoes run a close second.

    Fashion empire?!?!? That’s scary, seriously.

    • candy1212

      you are right. How can anyone buy her cheap tacky clothes?

      Daisy duke shape is not going to happen. She must think eat whatever junk food that you like, don’t exercise, and then it all goes away because a big greedy diet company is paying you and will make it go away.

      What is really terrible is her body and baby suffer

    • gini

      That is how I feel about Gwen Stefani. She makes the ugliest and most ridiculous fashion choices and yet she has not one but two clothing lines. Crazy!

      As for Jessica’s dress, I’ve definitely seen worse. On a side not, that baby is going to be beautiful!

    • Anon

      No kidding! Billion dollar empire?..Obviously she has no input in her own company. She is just the has-been -wanna- be who put her name on it. Pretty funny how ridiculously over paid no- talent celebrities can continue to prosper..Despite failing as a singer, virgin bride, or movie star… I guess Daddy invested wisely for the future of his beloved D breasted girl…sick bastard that he is! THIS way, he can add his OTHER no talent daughter, Ashlee as part of the company, and he never has to worry about supporting them in their old age… Something is VERY WRONG in the USA!

  • AnonymousBOIE

    She flaunts her high heels and sad eating habits.
    clearly no concern for the baby

  • Anonymous

    I would not want to wear shoes that high while pregnant – I would probably fall..

  • Courtney

    @anonymous be quiet it’s harder to dress when your pregnant especially in your last trimester leave Jessica alone. I think she looks beautiful and at least isn’t confined to bed

    • Anonymous

      Courtney, there’s nothing wrong with how SHE looks. It’s her clothes and shoes that are hideous. I really question anyone who looks to this woman for fashion advice.

    • Anon

      O Just give it time…soon it will be, I was confined to bed rest and then the baby was breech, or bent, or too tired to get in position…SO, I HAD to have a C- section….

    • Rose

      Please Courtney many celebrities have dress better in their last trimester and she couldn’t dress before that her clothing style has always been bad her pregnancy has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    That is the UGLIEST dress. The shoes are awful too. She DOES have a say in her company and designs the clothes herself. Why do people hate on her so much? And there’s no reason to think that she will get back into shape post-baby. Lot’s of women gain a ton of weight and get their bodies back with diet/exercise. Hateful people.

  • complainypants

    Um, I would just like to say that using the word “swell” which I assume is meant as a “cute” double entendre, is never cute when referring to a pregnant woman. Maybe I’m just sensitive. Yes, ok. I am. But when I was pregnant (I’m petite and gain LARGELY while pregnant) people always (especially men with potbellies I’d like to point out) thought it was funny to ask if I was sure it wasn’t twins. Or comment on my sausage cankles. Or call me “swell”. Its not cute. Pregnant women are fully aware of their weight gain. Not sure why its deemed ok to comment on it. I know its a blog and so be it, but this isn’t even a scathing/funny blog so I just expect more supportive and celebratory comments than this “cute” rude one.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all need I lighten up. It’s hard enough being pregnant and emotional. She doesn’t need your less than stellar comments. She looks just fine for having a baby soon.

    • Anonymous

      No one is putting down how her body looks. Pregnancy does different things to different people. That’s cool.

      It’s her clothing choices that are ridiculous. That dress and those shoes are just plain awful. Explain to me how she runs a “fashion empire”. My God, that’s crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously she is so fake and bleached and on heels all the time, I just can’t see her at the park playing with a child. It will be interesting to watch…

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about, Anonymous? Gwen goes to the park all the time with full on makeup, bleached hair, heels, etc. — she just needs a team of nannies to tag along to do the grunt work.

  • Anonymous9

    She should worry less how she looks and more about that jackass she’s having this baby with. Nice hair, dude.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything wrong with how she’s dressing i’ve seen worse and she doesn’t always have to dress to please others just herself.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve clearly missed the point. This woman runs a fashion company, she does have to please others. No one can understand how someone wearing a dress like that, which has NO redeeming qualities, has a fashion line.

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