Jessica Alba & Family: Park Playdate

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren spent some down time with both of their adorable daughters yesterday during a trip to Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California (January 28). Big sister Honor, 3 1/2, and her dad kept busy at the playground while baby Haven, 5 months, and mom looked on from their spot in the shade.

After Honor got her fill of fun the family-of-four headed to Melrose Avenue, where they made a quick stop for coffee and snacks. Tuckered out from her big morning out, Haven stayed cozy in her car seat.

Earlier this week the multi-tasking mama officially launched her new business venture, The Honest Company, which aims to provide eco-friendly baby essentials.

“I created this company because I wanted it to be easy for parents to get safe products that were affordable, delivered straight to your door,” Jessica says. “And they’re really cute!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media, FameFlynet

  • SMH

    Haven looks just like Jessica!

  • Anonymous

    Haven is adorable…I love her little chunky legs 🙂 🙂

  • klutzy_girl

    So cute! I love this family.

  • Maria

    Haven looks just like her Danish grandmother! The Warren’s are my favorite celeb family next to the Afflecks. Jennifer and Jessica are the best moms ever never a nanny in sight.

    • Rose

      I give the both credit for not have a nanny around on most outing but both of then have been pictured with a nanny before on more then one occasion.

    • Anonymous

      What is your obsession with her “Danish grandmother”?? Jeez, get over it.

    • anonymous

      We heard you the first billion times, we get it- Jessica’s grandmother is Danish and you think Haven looks like her. I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed with a celebrity’s grandmother!!

  • Arabella

    How come on every post on this family.Someone always point out that Haven looks like her danish grandma.

  • Anonymous

    Haven looks so white compared to the rest of her family!

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I can’t believe this child is theirs. She looks nothing like her mom or dad. She looks like an Irish baby instead of a Black/Mexican baby.

    Maria – I’ve seen them with a Nanny before but that doesn’t mean she’s not a good mother nor does it mean people that have Nannies aren’t good mothers either. Geez.

  • Carrie

    Those thighs are to die for!! 🙂

    • Mia


  • Anonymous

    She is not a black/mexican baby alone. Both Jessica and Cash are half white that explains Haven’s looks she takes after her European grannies.

  • Anonymous

    Chunky little monkey. I think Honor was plump like that too the first year.

  • Anonymous

    This is too cute!
    I think it’s pretty interesting having such different looking kids. Both of them are beautiful in their own way!

  • Anonymous

    Genetics can go either way, I have a daughter that has olive skin and a very fair skinned daughter as well and nobody can believe they have the same Mom and Dad. Jennifer Garner is with her Nanny a lot, when she is with the kids and not. I think they need the extra hand just to control the potential craziness with the paps around, I think they are just not in the photos all the time.

    • Sara

      I have never seen Jen Garner w/ a nanny….

      • Anonymous

        Me neither. Garner is 100% caretaker of her children.

        • kate

          oh come on….garner is always with that nanny of hers

        • Anne

          She has been photograph with her nanny mant times.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica love atention

  • Anonymous

    Jen Garner is always with her Nanny, she was just car shopping with her last week. The Nanny even goes to the grocery store with Jen when she isn’t with the kids. The photos we see on this site and just one or two of an entire set, when you see the whole thing you will see she is almost always with the Nanny and it’s been the same Nanny for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Jen Garner is always with the Nanny and it’s been the same one for quite some time. What you see on this site is one or two photos of an entire set, when you see the full pics you will see she is almost always with her even when grocery shopping without the kids.

  • Kate

    I am just glad to see her out of her car seat!

    I love her little chubby legs!

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks like Jessica in her features, but because she is a little baby, she hasn’t developed her skin color yet.
    Many african american babies and hispanic babies are born light and then darken beautifully as then get older.

  • Sara

    I always look @ the Jen Garner photo’s and can honestly say not ONCE have I seen her with a nanny. I’ve seen her w/ her Mother and Ben’s Mother….maybe that’s who you are mistaking the nanny for.

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