Nadya Suleman’s Octuplets Turn Three!

Happy birthday… times eight!

‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman threw a big birthday bash for her octuplets over the weekend – Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah turned 3 years old on January 26. The family headed to Seascape Kids Fun in Los Angeles, California, marking the occasion with games, music, temporary tattoos and of course a birthday cake! The multi-tasking mom even managed to wrangle her busy preschoolers together for a few family photos.

Nadya is also mom to older kids Elijah Makai, Amerah Yasmeen, Joshua Jacob, Aiden, Calyssa Airelle and Caleb Kai.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • anon1

    i can’t believe how different they all look! a few have blonde hair, fair skin.. a few look darker, almost indian-esque.. science is a mystery!

    • Janna

      Science *is* definitely amazing. The two she’s holding don’t even look related, much less like brothers. They’re all beautiful though. I hope that three years in she’s adapting well to the chaos.

      • Anonymous

        I kind of doubt they are related. More likely a coctail of left over embryos from Kamrava’s mad lab.

  • SMH

    I have to say I’m not a fan of what this women did. I def. think there is some psychological issues however she has seemed to pretty much in the last year kept the kids out of the media. She said she didn’t want a reality show or to have them grow up with camera’s despite those saying she should take the money where she should get it. I’m just amazed that these 8 miracles are alive and happy. I have micro preemie nephews that barely made it and she had 8 all at once that have thrived miraculously with so far no noticable signs of any cognitive delays or disabilities!

    I do however hope that in the long term that emotionally her older kids will be okay since it would seem as though they got pushed to the side once the 8 babies were born.

    • Annie123

      Completely agree! I’m genuinely amazed how healthy they look. I can imagine how complicated foetal development must be with 8 babies in 1 uterus, with 2 or 3 there can already be serious issues.
      I’m also curious to see their social development. Being one of 14 with a single parent must be hard, then again I worked with well-adjusted children in orphanages being raised with dozens of other kids their age. As long as they feel loved, which I hope they do…

  • Jenna

    What a sad bunch of children. Why don’t they ever smile? Just big, sad eyes. Sad eyes with dark circles underneath.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t look sad just bored and they’re probably tired birthdays are usually long days for young kids like themselves, even the most happiest kids get tired. None of her children look abused i don’t know why people try to say “poor kids” like all the time. The only crime against octomom is that she can’t financially support all those kids on her own and that maybe she has far too many for one person to take care of but there certainly isn’t any like domestic violence going on or any sort of emotional abuse on the kids. Not that long ago women never used birth control and had as many children as octomom and it was “womens work” to take care of them so there would only be one parent raising them while the husband/father went out to work to provide for the kids. Octo mom is kinda like a woman from the past.

      • Berte

        Actually, in the past before birth control, a nursing mother might have a a new baby at a paced 18 mos to 2.5 years. Nature’s pace allows each baby the necessary one on one attention to complete healthy bonding/attachment and to be weaned.

        With 8 at once and 6 more under 10, individual bonding time would be VERY watered down. “Factory style” care may be employed for basic needs by necessity, but with that, the children sacrifice any unique needs and sense of self for the logistics of the group. In effect, each child is devalued as an individual when they are treated like one unit.

        My youngest is 3, and I’ve been at an easy dozen 3 y/o b’day parties. Three’s are gleeful and rambunctious. Those kids are attractive, but they look joyless and lost. Very sad pictures for a memory book.

      • Jenna

        Yes, the children do look sad. Show me one picture with they look happy, animated, and energetic without dark circles under their eyes. I didn’t say anything about abuse, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. Why so defensive?

        Women from the past didn’t implant twelve embryos at a time as a scheme to try and get rich from fame and celebrity.

  • Chance

    I can’t help but chuckle at a couple of these comments. It sounds like one is from Octomom & another from an agent or someone trying to help her soiled image. Look, the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words” says it all here. These kids look lost, dazed, confused & everything but happy! There’s a wrong vibe here that’s undeniable. Forget Octomom’s “poor me, the media made me look bad” routine and think of the bigger picture. Is it really enough that the kids are just alive? She wasn’t able to properly, or in any way, shape or form care for the first 6 and you think she’s done well with these little ones? No, she’s housing them & in her own wackadoodle “doo”, proclaiming to the world that she’s teaching them to be GRATEFUL for everything, even food! They are shown 90% of the time left alone in their urine smelling room where they still sleep 2 to a crib! I could give more examples but I don’t need to. I will NOT praise Nadya for keeping them, hell, orphanages do that too.
    Berte, you sound very knowledgeable, great comment.

    • carrie J

      I also think Berte is right on with her comment. Quality is so much more important than quantity. Animals have litters people should not- the quality of care is so lacking and the kids kind of look “out of it”. There are so many people waiting to adopt and care for babies, and who are prepared to give them one on one attention. If Nadia really cared about these kids well- being she would have allowed them to be adopted and raised in a better environment!

  • Anonymous

    Poor, sad children. You never see them smiling or laughing. At 3 they should be verbal, yet most of them only utter a single word or two. Definite signs of developmental delays, possibly autism like their poor older brother, Aiden.

    • Anonymous

      Poor Children!!! Poor Tax Payer for having to support them all.

  • Chance

    Sorry but in one of the pics, it looks like a monkey trying to make out with a kid! Yeah, that’s just nasty.

  • Lioness

    I’m pretty sure most of you are just projecting your assumptions onto this picture. It is quite normal to see a 3-yr-old not smiling for a picture and looking confused- EVEN at their own birthday. This is a moment in the life of this family, we have no idea what the temperaments are of these kids. Hope they had fun…

    • marylin harris

      “it is quite normal to see a 3 yr- old not smiling for a picture…” EIGHT of them are not smiling. They are so pitiful looking. My heart breaks for them. At the very least they look drugged. They should never have left the hospital to go to her so-called home. They should have been adopted out to stable loving couples. She had 12 embryos implanted because she thought she’d cash in on a reality show. She is one sick puppy. And all those children have to pay the price.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t like looking at those kids too much. They look sad, miserable, have dark circles under their eyes, and I suspect they may be retarded or something.

    Those poor kids.
    What did that crazy woman and her crackpot doctor do?

  • Anonymous

    everyone has the right to their own opinion concerning Nadya Suleman. If one chooses to defend a liar, dysfunctional mother, a woman who should be charged with child endangerment, sees nothing wrong with the toddlers sleeping and eating in a room that has the stench of urine, refuses to see her children have emotional problems, delayed development, ignored, in need of bathing, a liar, a very fine tuned liar…it is you right to defend her.
    So how about defending the children? Have you donated time or money to Naydas’s cause? Have you offered to go to her home and help remove the tagging? Have you offered to work with her Autistic son teaching him not to tag or better yet dress and feed himself? Have you offered to remove him from under the bus his mother tossed him for the tagging?

    • Anonymous

      I seriously doubt it’s poor Aiden doing the tagging. Poor kid can barely function. More likely it’s the older 2 boys with the anger issues, or even possibly Amerah.

      I feel so bad for that boy. Chaos is the absolute worst thing you can impose on a child suffering from autism. Imagine having to live in that smelly, loud household. Now imagine that amplified by 10. That’s what it’s like for a child with autism.

  • Roberta

    From the beginning I didn’t like this woman. Beyond that, I never expected to see that three years later these babies would turn out like this. What the hell is she doing to them behind closed doors? What accounts for the zombie faces, dark circles under the eyes, blank stares, lack of speech or potty training? Most of all why do they all have bruises on their faces? Look at the way she squeezes their faces to do the photo ops. She’s evil. Those children should be happy, vibrant, bubbly, rambunctious, giggly, and overflowing with joy.

  • Anonymous

    I hopelessly look at all the pictures of her kids so maybe I could see one, just one, of them actually smiling or happy. Have NEVER seen one picture of these octuplets smiling ever! EVER. Moms, how many kids up to 3 yr old never smile??? I’m hard pressed to find one of mine NOT smiling at that age. Disturbing disturbing!

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