Amanda Seyfried: I Think About Having Kids All The Time

Is Amanda Seyfried the next Hollywood starlet to announce a pregnancy?

The 26-year-old Mean Girls actress opens to Glamour about wanting kids one day. “Oh yeah, I think about kids all the time,” the blonde beauty says. “I feel like the next person I commit to, that’s going to be the guy who I’m going to have kids with. That’s in my crazy female brain. So that’s why I’m like, ‘I can’t commit.’ ”

The actress – who has dated Hollywood hunks such Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Phillippe – says that her her previous relationship with Mamma Mia! costar Dominic Cooper was the real deal. She says they have an ongoing joke about possibly having children one day.

My God, yeah,” she says of the love they shared together. “He was my last real boyfriend. We still joke about having kids, like, ‘If it doesn’t work out with other people, we might as well just have a child.’ And there’s a part of that that feels…possible.”

When asked if she’s worried about going through a promiscuous phase, she replied, “No! I’m terrified of being promiscuous,” she admits. “I don’t like the feeling you get when it’s not something that you truly want to do, and I hate the emotional abuse you give yourself afterward. It’s just uncomfortable when you’re with somebody and you’re like, “I don’t really know if I’m even comfortable with this. Why did I? Eww!” I think dating can come without sex.”

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