Anne Heche & Her Adorable Atlas

Anne Heche and her son Atlas were seen leaving Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (January 31).

Wearing no socks, the almost 3-year-old looked comfy in his stroller. Anne’s other son Homer, 9, wasn’t with them.

The actress met and fell in love with Atlas’ dad James Tupper while co-starring with him on Men In Trees.

At the time she gushed to Extra about their on-set love scenes.

She said, “We’re so much more comfortable now that our feelings are exposed and everybody knows about them.They’re less challenging…Usually when you’re doing a love scene with somebody you’re not in love with, it’s like you kiss and you kiss and then you think, ‘Oh, great.’ And then they yell,’Cut,’ and you just split apart right away and act like you don’t really like the person. When they yell, ‘Cut,’ we just lay there and wait for the next take to go!”

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  1. anon1

    he is almost 3?! I wouldn’t have guessed he more than 1.5 yrs.. lil guy

  2. Anonymous

    She doesn’t look like Anne Heche, and I don’t think that this little kid can be 3!

  3. Anonymous

    That doesn’t look like Anne Heche and that certainly is not an almost three year old child! It’s a baby! WTH?!

  4. Anonymous

    Not sure about that being Anne Heche, but I am almost positive that is not Atlas!

  5. Anonymous

    this child is not “almost 3 years old”…. so this can’t be Atlas

  6. NYC Mommy

    he is adorable but to me he looks quite small for almost three.

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