Tori Spelling & Her Picture Pefect Posse

Say cheeeeeese!

It’s no secret that Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling has some cute kiddos and it’s always nice to see their sweet, smiling faces when the actress generously shares their snapshots with her nearly 624,000 Twitter followers.

The Season 6 finale of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood – which aired last night on the Oxygen network – chronicled the last few weeks of a very pregnant Tori (including a ride on a motorized cart) before it ended with the birth of her third child Hattie.

“Thank U 2all R loyal fans,” the happy mother-of-three tweeted last night. “We R so proud2 share R luv&family w/u! been a pleasure & hope it continues!”

Take a peek through some of Tori’s adorable family pics of her children Liam, 4, Stella, 3, and Hattie, 3 months with hubby Dean McDermott.

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  • P!nk

    You have to admit they do make nice looking kids.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Really i right. Liam is alittle odd looking..stella is a beauty but reminds me too much of her sleazy Dad and Hattie you never know wo she’ll turn out like

  • Anonymous

    What is “odd looking” about Liam? He looks like a normal blonde blue eyed boy. And I’m sure you’re great looking right?

  • Anonymous

    Liam looks just like his grandpa, Aaron Spelling. He should only be as successful….

    • Anonymous

      He does look like Aaron Spelling!

      How sad that she’ll never be able to look at her kids and think “Oh, she’s got my [whatever]”.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful children.

  • anonymous

    Sorry, but these kids are homely. Unfortunately, Liam looks like a Spelling and desperately needs a “boy” haircut (and by boy, I don’t mean a boy haircut the Guncles or the Gusband would give him!) The girl is better looking but she looks like her beady eyed creepy father. The baby, too young to tell. Why does Tori Spelling put her kids out there to be judged by everyone? Why doesn’t she give them some well deserved privacy? These kids are going to grow up resenting spending their childhood mugging for the ever-present cameras.
    PS: don’t respond with I am jealous of Tori Spelling. My life is much better than hers in every way.

  • Anonymous

    The bottom line is they are children, lovely innocent beings who do not deserve to be called ‘homely’ or critized in any other way. Tori isn’t ‘putting her kids out there to be judged’, she is showing off her family like any other proud mother. I think Tori and Dean are doing a great job with their family.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I think the people that call these children homely, ugly or anything else are incredibly judgmental as well as jealous. Its easy to hate on people when your incredibly jealous of what they have. Pretty pathetic and sad. Also, Tori Spelling is like any other mother who takes pictures of her adorable kids and post them on twitter, facebook and so on. If she was not a TV star and a regular average Joe, im pretty sure people wouldn’t be giving her crap. Leave these people alone and stop criticizing their every move. Try focusing on your own life, if you have one that is:)

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