Madonna Says Her Kids Want Her To “Just Be Mom”

In a recent interview with The Advocate Madonna talks about currently raising her children Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 11, David, 6, Mercy, 5, and how they just want her to be a normal mom.

She says, “They just really want me to just be Mom and be normal, and don’t show up dressed in any outlandish way. Just come to school, do the parent-teacher meetings. I can’t even wear a tracksuit. That attracts attention too. You know, they don’t really want to see me as a famous person or a celebrity or somebody. They don’t get it right now. They think I’m a little quirky.”

The Give Me All Your Luvin singer does admit she’s a firm parent.

I’m a strict mother. My daughter doesn’t know why I won’t allow her to get everything pierced or a tattoo or dye her hair blond on the tips and pink at the roots.”

The 53-year-old also says she’s recently found herself wistful for the old days.

She shares, “Reading Patti Smith’s book Just Kids really helped me. It’s important to remember that and bring that forward into your life and to have spontaneous moments.”

And she did just that with the kids.

She said, “On Sunday, I squeezed my four kids into the car and [went] shopping in East Hampton. It was very weird. The people in Ralph Lauren were not prepared. I never go shopping. And my daughter was looking like – because she’s always trying to get me to go shopping, and I never will. That was fun.”

The magazine brings up Madonna as being a gay icon and that her followers “felt a twinge of abandonment” when she “moved on.”

She replies, “I never left them. When you’re single, you certainly have more time to socialize and hang out with your gay friends, but then you get married and you have a husband and you have children, and your husband wants you to spend time with him. I’m not married anymore, but I have four kids, and I don’t have a lot of time for socializing. I hope nobody’s taking that personally. It certainly was not a conscious decision. As it stands, most of my friends in England are gay. But I’m back. Never fear.”

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