Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Sunny Day in Santa Monica

It turned out to be a warm day in Southern California, but Jennifer Garner and Seraphina, 3, bundled up in their sweaters as they ran some morning errands in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (February 3). Jennifer – who is expecting her third child this spring – definitely looks like she’s getting close to her due date!

Little Seraphina had mom all to herself today, as dad Ben Affleck and big sis Violet, 6, weren’t with them on this outing.

Jennifer recently took on another project – helping out one of her favorite organizations, Save the Children. The busy mom recently blogged about childhood poverty for the charity’s website. Jen wrote, “Children in this country start kindergarten when they are five or six years old. My daughters donʼt really understand this yet, but they’ve already won. Here is why: kids growing up in poverty have heard, by the time they turn four, 30 million fewer words than my kids. They are developmentally 18 months behind their middle class counterparts.”

The Valentine’s Day star fellow Save the Children ambassador Julianne Moore are appealing to their fans to buy Save the Children’s Valentine’s Day cards – proceeds will benefit their efforts to eradicate childhood poverty in the US.

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  1. Shirelle

    I wouldve thought she wouldve gave birth by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has to be the longest pregnancy she has to be due this month

  2. Elizabeth

    Um, Jennifer, you are definitely NOT middle class. Sorry. It’s the middle class that are the most persecuted class in the country.

    • Anonymous

      Elizabeth, I think she grew up in a middle class family not that she is middle class NOW. Of course she is wealthy now because of her professional career. There is no middle class today, only the rich and poor. Rather sad, huh?

      • SMH

        Agree. Today most of the population is what you would classify as the working poor. People who bust they’re asses off at 1,2, sometime 3 jobs a week and have nothing to show for it or you have the rich who continue to get rich and don’t know what it’s like to struggle month to month.

        Many kids can start school as early as 2 but it cost money and sadly many families don’t have the extra money to give them that boost of education. So yes some kids do fall behind.

        • Anonymous

          Aren’t the government preschool Head Start programs free for low-income families?

          • SMH

            Yes if you have head start programs in your area most are free or very low cost. But I can only speak about the one by my house that it can be overcrowded, dirty, and the kids are imo not getting the extra push like other children in other preschool programs in the area. My nephews went for 1 year until my SIL went back to work and was able to send them to a regular preschool program. She didn’t like Head Start in our home town.

      • Ruby&Lucymomma

        I think you are confused! There is very much a middle class, I am part of it. I and many of my friends are part of that class.
        I do agree though that Jen was talking as a whole, not herself personally when referencing “middle class”

  3. Anonymous

    Seraphina is a living doll! Can hardly wait to see the new baby (girl).

  4. Elena

    Does this woman ever stop? She seems like such a workaholic! Kudos to her. Seraphina is the cutest little thing! 🙂

  5. Elena

    She’s so pretty! She’s going to be a stunner when she grows up. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    enough already, leave them alone.

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