Kristin Cavallari Postpones Wedding For Baby

Kristin Cavallari is holding off her wedding to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The pregnant former Hills star says they’re going to wait to tie the knot until after the baby’s birth.

She says, “I’m not even looking for a wedding dress right now. I’m pregnant! I’m not going to go try on wedding dresses.”

The couple – who announced her pregnancy in late January – have even received well wishes from Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

“Heidi and Spencer actually sent me flowers, which was really sweet,” she revealed.

The 25-year-old says she’s still involved in reality television, just not starring in it.

I’m producing a reality show, so I’m definitely still in that world. But doing a reality show about Jay and I will never happen. My baby will never be on TV. That sort of thing is completely out of the question.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to postpone the pregnancy until after the wedding? And what’s stopping them from having a small service for family and close friends before the blessed arrival? Are any babies born after marriage any more these days?

  2. A.

    I don’t agree with you. I don’t believe in marriage but I do want kids. Today the these 2 things are not connected the way they were 20 years ago.
    If she wants to marry after the baby it’s her own decision.

  3. Anonymous

    i’ll bet you 10 bucks they’re never getting married

  4. anonymous

    10 to 1 they never make it to the altar.

  5. Anonymous

    Why even bother marrying? We all know they won’t last.

  6. Anonymous

    When it’s all over, she’ll get a nice fat monthy child support check, and on to the next baby daddy. And baby momma for him of course.

  7. Anonymous9

    She doesn’t even show yet. With their money you could plan a perfectly lovely wedding in a month. I guess it’s more important to have a big fancy wedding where you get wear a size two dress than to have your kid born to married parents.

    I’ll be shocked if these two ever get married. I see a “we remain close friends and are devoted to raising our child” announcement.

  8. jacquie109

    I’m sorry but exactly what difference does it make if they are married or not? If they are going to stay together they will, marriage or not, if they are going to split up they will, marriage or not. As long as they both love the child and support the child, what does it matter?

  9. Angelofharlem

    Wow… classic ‘keep a man baby’ Money doesn’t buy class it appears….or brains. I thought they called off the engagement months ago..this is…suspicious…

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