Lisa Marie Presley “Gasped” At New Elvis Exhibit

Lisa Marie Presley’s childhood objects are being displayed at Graceland in an exhibit called Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes. Now 44 – the mom of four says she got emotional when she first saw the items.

She told People, “I walked in with my twins [Harper and Finley, 3], looked around, and I gasped. I couldn’t tell if I was going to laugh or cry. It was like that show This is Your Life. I walked in and there was my tiny little first record player, my first faux fur coat, the key to the golf cart my father had given me for my birthday that I probably hadn’t seen in 35 years.”

Having lived at Graceland until she was five, she recalls waiting for her father to make his daily entrance down the stairs.

“He was always fully, fully geared up. You’d never see him in his pajamas coming down the steps, ever,” she said. “You’d never see him in anything but ‘ready to be seen’ attire.”

Lisa Marie says she and husband Michael Lockwood are doing their best to preserve the twins’ childhood moments.

“My older kids [model Riley Keough, 22, and musician Benjamin, 19,] wish I had more photos of them when they were little. So we’re constantly photographing the twins because we know how quickly it goes by.”

The twins will be joining her on tour to promote her next album, set to be released in May.

She gushes, “Our life revolves around them and they dictate us and everyone around us. It’s kind of about them and they’re doing really well. I don’t want to put them in school just yet – I want to keep them to myself as long as possible!”

Talking about Benjamin – her son with ex-husband Danny Keough – she reveals that he has a strong personality.

We haven’t ever worked together but he’s the one person who can get away with being a certain way with me and talking to me a certain way that no one else could get away with. He kind of runs me a little bit. He’s really strong-minded and he will tell me what’s what. It would be interesting, because if we butt heads, we really butt heads, and honestly, I’d back down. He has that over me.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I gasped at this picture of her! Is she ever going to pull herself together?

  2. Anonymous

    I really, really want to like her. I really do. But unfortunately, scientology has framed her worldview in such a way that she just can’t help being a bit of a tool. And she’s morphing into Kirstie Alley. If she would leave the warpaint off of her face and dress normally, she would actually be quite stunning as a natural beauty. But she always thinks she and her mom (and Kirstie Alley) have always believed that they needed heavy make-up and overdone hair so they always look like they just stepped off of a broadway stage having just played the part of a witch or a fortune teller. Both of them were born beautiful but they’ve always insisted on ruining their real looks by hiding it underneath WAY too much make-up. (And don’t even get me started on her mom’s unbelievably bad plastic surgery which she didn’t even need) I wish nothing but good for her as I think that deep down, she’s a geuninely good person but sadly, she really is, for the most part, just a hot mess. Everyone tauts Priscilla for supposedly keeping Lisa “grounded” and “normal” but the reality is that although Elvis was a druggie, he would have been the one to see that she was raised in a more normal way. It was Priscilla who insisted she be raised according to scientology principles and that one ridiculous decision has completely destroyed any chance Lisa might have had at being normal or successful. In her own way, Priscilla is just as screwed up as Elvis ever was.

  3. Anonymous

    Her choice in men is just dreadful. I don’t know anything about what kind of person this latest husband is. He might be the nicest guy in the world and for her sake, I hope that he is but OMG, he is homely and his sense of “style” is absolutely dreadful.

    She’s so messed up and that’s just so sad. Her life could have been so, so different, even without Elvis, if not for the brainwashing that was done to her by her mom and scientology.

  4. Molly Cassidine

    Yes just like Michael Jackson is too. His believes in how to things! Too loser he
    Was into his drugs and was controlled by his management team! Lisa is not controlled by her mom Any more! John Travolta. Is-a loser too. He is into
    Scientology and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are all losers . no LisaMarie
    Does not dabble in Scientology with her mom! Long distance she lives in London!
    Not Here! With near mom!

  5. Sharon Athey

    You twin are really cute. I never seen a picture of you older children. I love Elvis Prestley. I cryed when he died. But when I look at you . You look just like Elvis .You are a nice woman and a great singer. I hope some day I can see Graceland and take the tour.

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