Sunday Rose Urban: Pretty Preschooler

Sunday Rose was seen with her nanny in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (February 3).

The 3 1/2-year-old daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had just been picked up from school. Black pants with a striped black and white top was her outfit for the day.

Kidman, who also has 1-year-old Faith, once talked about teaching philanthropy to Sunday Rose at a UNIFEM press conference.

It’s not what I get out of it. I feel like I can never put enough into it. The greatest thing my parents did was give me a social conscience. For someone like Sunday, for her to be able to be molded, I suppose, to have a very strong social conscience — I would be so proud. I would hope for that. Keith and I are both very committed to that.”

Fans will soon see the actress in the HBO film Hemingway & Gellhorn.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    To whom much is given, much is expected. Bravo to Nicole and Keith for aspiring to encourage their children to have a strong social conscience.

  2. Anonymous

    what makes you so certain that she’s her nanny? do the paps go up to people and ask for an introduction?

  3. Anonymous

    aww she is so big.
    Cutie Sunny

  4. Melissa

    Pretty preschooler indeed. Nice to hear Nicole is raising her kids to be good and grounded people, just like the ones she has with Tom, they seem to be nice and grounded people, not an air of being spoiled. Nicole must really be a good parent.

  5. Anonymous

    no more photos?
    Sunday is so kinda cutie

  6. Anonymous

    I thought they live in Nashville, TN. Why is she going to school in California? Did they move? Maybe they own a home is both places, but how can she go to school in two states without being confused.

  7. Anonymous

    OMG Sunny is such a cutie!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    she is in pre school, should not be so hard.
    this school should be temporary as they are in LA

  9. Anonymous

    Good for u Nicole:) It’s nice to see that they this family is caring and so very humble. Love this family and especially our Keith’s beautiful music!!

  10. Anonymous

    The Urbans must be great people to work for/with. This lady has been their nanny since Sunday Rose was born. How fortunate for the whole Urban family.

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