Jessica Simpson Gets Gorgeous For The Super Bowl

Say cheese!

Mom-to-be- Jessica Simpson recently tweeted this playful picture of herself taking in the Super Bowl game on Sunday (February 5) with the caption,

“Fun at the Super Bowl!”

The curvy singer also shared a sexy pic of herself and a friend enjoying a little pre-game celebration.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. yikes

    She threw a tantrum because a lightbulb in her dressing room didn’t work before the Super Bowl. Credit for her looks goes 100% to the hard-working crew that submit themselves to this crazy woman’s every beckon call.

  2. Anonymous

    i think she’ s having a BOY
    since hallowen we know that she is pregnant it’s like now she is almost 4-5 month pregnant.
    So she must be disapointed because she’s having a boy it’s for that, that now we don’t know already what she is excepting.
    she told few weeks ago that she wantes have a GIRL NOT A BOY

    it’s because now, she didn”‘t tell us it’s a boy.

    do u agree with me?

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