Kate Winslet Raises Awareness For Autism

Titanic star Kate Winslet graces the March 2012 cover of Ladies’ Home Journal and opens up about motherhood and her new book, The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism. While Kate’s children – daughter Mia, 11 and son Joe, 8 – don’t have autism, the Oscar-winner is on a mission to dispel myths and raise awareness for people living autism.

On the biggest misunderstanding about children with autism: “That they are not capable of understanding anything, that they are completely locked in their own worlds and aren’t paying attention to anything around them or that they are disinterested. Even those closest to them sometimes believe that. And so often that proves not to be the case.”

On if she’s ever worked with children with disabilities: “Yes, I was a spare pair of hands at a summer camp for disabled children when I was a teenager and there were kids there of varying disabilities. There was this beautiful tall young man who was 20 or 21. I won’t say he was treated unfairly, but because he didn’t speak, moved slowly and had significant sensory issues, nobody knew how to handle him. So it was a case of just managing his day. But there were moments when I would look him in the eye, and he would look at me, and I knew there was somebody in there. And I never forgot that experience. In retrospect, he was probably autistic.”

On feeling the importance of giving back in a profound way: “Well, my father is disabled – he lost his foot in an accident when I was young. It was awful, it caused all sorts of problems, both physically and psychologically – and for a while my family was supported by a charitable trust. So I understand on a very personal level what a charitable organization can do.”

On what motherhood means to her: “For me, motherhood is not about signing the check to get your kids and the best school; it’s about giving them the freedom to be who they are.”

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  • Susannah

    I’m confused, just she just write a book about dispelling autism awareness herself or is she a spokesperson for autism awareness and the book?
    Whatever she does, as someone who has a brother with profound autism, I really appreciate her support for the cause of autism awareness and hopefully, someday, a cure.

  • Valerie

    she worked at summer camp. saw a persone she thinks might have had autism. writes a book an autism? kind of random. suspect one of her kids is on the autism spectrum, but she doesn’t want to say so.

    • Mary

      I agree with you, I have two children 8 and 6 on the autism spectrum and I do believe she is afraid to say something. I personally want to say hey Kate we need you ,mothers with children with autism do not need to hide!!!

  • Anonymous

    I find it wonderful that someone whose life isn’t touched by Autism is deciding to write a book on Autism Awareness, or is it just her Autobiography?

  • Anonymous

    Gee, let’s see: celebrity needs to raise profile by adopting a “cause” and hires an advisor to help choose. Celebrity is advised to adopt “autism”. Celebrity hires ghost writer to write book about autism. Celebrity gets lots of admiration in press and by adoring public. Ladies Home Journal participates in the celebrity machine once again. Brava, ladies.

  • Rolls eyes

    Hmm, let’s see: celebrity needs to raise profile by adopting a “cause.” Celebrity hires advisor, is advised to adopt “autism”. Celebrity hires ghost writer to write book on autism. Celebrity wins admiration from adoring public. Ladies Home Journal participates in celebrity machine once again. Brava, LHJ. (Rolls eyes.)

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