The Kardashian Clan Attend Church

In plaid pants and white-rimmed shades, 2-year-old Mason Disick was the picture of toddler style as he headed to Sunday services in Agoura Hills, California yesterday with his mom Kourtney Kardashian, aunt Kim and grandma Kris Jenner (February 5). So cute!

It ended up being a star-studded service: LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian were also among those gathered at the Life Change Community Church. The singer later took to Twitter to thank the pastor, writing, “Thank you a great service @brad_s_johnson you made me cry. :)”

Expectant mom Kourtney is fresh off of a sunny stay in Punta Mita, Mexico with her beau Scott Disick and Mason, too. The reality star mama showed off her growing bump in a cute two-piece as she hung out seaside.

“They were in complete family mode,” an onlooker tells US of the happy trio.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    Mason looks like his uncle rob a hole lot

  2. F.A.J

    Aww Mason is soo cute, but its time for a haircut.

  3. anonymous

    The Kardashian’s at church? This is an all-time low publicity stunt. Taking something sacred and using it to garner more attention for themselves. I am willing to bet anything I own that not a single one of them (with maybe the exception of Khloe) has a single Christian bone in their body.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s time to worry about yourself and not children who aren’t yours. Is his hair harmful? If not, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  5. Susannah

    Let’s hope all their lives were changed at the “Life Change Community Church” and they decided to devote themselves to community service and other charity works and will no longer appear on tv! 😉

  6. Anonymous

    Of course Leann and Eddie were among the other attention seekers who “gathered”(invited Radaronline to church with them) at The Life Change Community Church. This is why people find these two so disgusting because they will use just about any and everything to get their faces and names in the press. So the question is why was it so important to Leann that everyone saw her and Eddie attending church? Does she think that this will convince people that EC is a changed man and therefore isn’t cheating on her? Or was this just another attempt to one up Eddie’s ex-wife because RHOBH airs today? If these people were really sincere about going to church, they wouldn’t have invited their pap entourage. Who goes to church dressed like they are going to a club? A person who knows the paps are going to be at the church because they called them there.

    The question that the media should also be asking is what is up with the Leann/Kim/Kardashian friendship, especially since Leann detests reality tv stars and she is friends with the man Kim K was going to sue? It’s definately a pr stunt. But why? Is this Tyler Perry’s way of promoting his new movies, which both Kim and EC star in? Or is Kris Jenner Leann’s new manager/publicist? Or does Leann think that she can sway certain media outlets(ie-E News) into being nice to her by associating with Kim and the Kardashians. Or is this just a image makeover to get people to buy LR album. Nonetheless, it’s sad when celebs like EC and LR and Kardashians use church and God as an excuse to get their photos in the press.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank God for their lives,buh I hope its nt another means of gettin popularity…wuldnt hav been surprised if it was khloe, buh kim Απϑ kourt???*speechless

  8. Anonymous

    Im always shocked when i see celebrity children with sunglasses on, theres no way my brothers or godson would have kept them on !!! Little mason is a cutie though 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Those pants make him look even more like a used car salesman.

  10. Anonymous9

    Praying that their ratings stop dropping.

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