Beyoncé Stuns In First Postpartum Appearance

A month after welcoming her first child, Beyoncé, 30, was spotted on her first postpartum outing late Monday night (February 6) in New York City. Celebrating husband Jay-Z‘s double concert dates at Carnegie Hall, the new mom flaunted her gorgeous post-baby body in an orange, hip-hugging Alice Temperly dress, accompanied by a pair of signature Christian Louboutins.

“It was amazing,” she told New York’s Daily News Monday night of Jay-Z’s debut show, which benefitted his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way. The proud new dad included an emotional performance of the song that features his newborn.

“I ain’t think I was gonna make it through that one,” Jay-Z, 42, told the audience after performing Glory, which was written for their daughter Blue Ivy.

Looking stunning, Beyoncé was all smiles as she headed into the afterparty at the 40/40 Club, arriving 20 minutes after her husband. The singer skipped the red carpet and snuck in through the side door to join her husband.

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  • Anonymous

    She does look great! She still looks like she just gave birth (that’s not a knock, so did I!)

  • Janna

    She looks amazing in red!

  • Anonymous

    looks great for someone who gave birth a few weeks ago

    • amie

      So she’s supposed to look like what – a dishevelled, unkempt mess? Judging by her figure, it’s plain that she’s given birth recently and appears to be breastfeeding. She takes pride in her appearance and has glammed up for a night out, end of story.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this will put to rest rumors that she had a surrogate. Unless she just gained weight for fun.

  • Anonymous

    I hope these pics stop some of those ‘fake pregnancy’ rumors. She looks like most new moms do after giving birth–giant nursing breasts and still holding onto some pregnancy weight. So bizarre that people are so adamant she faked the pregnancy.

    • Jeanny

      Agreed! This woman looks like someone who just gave birth and is nursing her newborn.
      She was just able to hide her baby belly very well the last months I guess ;).
      No this is obvious and will hopefully stop the rumors!

      • Anonymous

        It won’t. I’ve read tons of comments today on the other site from the fake-pregnancy-theory supporters, who claimed that she just padded her breasts and hips to look like a new mother. She could parade in a bikini while breastfeeding her daughter and people still would claim that she fakes it and that it’s just a fatsuit and I don’t know – milk bottles shaped like breast, glued to her real ones or something equally ridiculous. I’m not her fan and never was but I don’t see a single reason why her pregnancy couldn’t have been real.

  • Anonymous

    Yes she definitely looks like a new mom, carrying some extra weight and look at the size of her breasts!

  • an32

    Her rib cage also looks “wider”…. those of you that have given birth I am quite sure know what I’m talking about 😉

    • Anonymous

      Pregnancy changes your skeletal structure? I don’t think so…..

      • Anonymous

        No, I totally get what you mean. Same thing happened to me.

      • Anonymous

        It absolutely does. Google “rib pain, pregnancy” and educate yourself. For many women, the rib cage expands through pregnancy causing significant pain. It also changes your pelvis, hips, shoe size from expanding foot bones… for many women, it goes back but for others, it does not.

      • Colleen

        ABSOLUTELY! My hips are much wider since having children~

        • Anonymous

          And you think that’s because your hip bones have MOVED?


          • Anonymous

            You’re an idiot. Who obviously knows nothing about pregnancy and body change as a whole. You’re skeletal frame can shift for tons of reasons, including child birth. Read a book.

      • an32

        Ribcage expands for most women during pregnancy due to an increase in lung use/capacity (need more oxygen, cause you are breathing for two!). Most of the time, the ribcage goes back to normal within a few months of giving birth. And as someone already noted, this is at least one of the body changes that takes place during pregnancy. Like I stated, those that have been pregnant full term KNOW exactly what I am referring to…..

      • Anonymous

        sure does……the pelvic bones widen to birth a baby. IF you’ve had a baby…you know that!! Don’t talk about things you don’t know about!!

  • Kim

    Guess she’s breastfeeding, huh?

    • Anonymous

      If not, she’s probably thought this would be te best time for implants, because nobody would be surprised! Time will tell…

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