Chantelle Houghton & Alex Reid Expecting A Girl

British TV personality Chantelle Houghton and her fiancé, professional mixed martial arts fighter Alex Reid, are thinking pink! The blonde beauty took to Twitter Tuesday to announce the exciting news.

Me and Alex are so happy to reveal we are expecting a baby girl,” the proud mom-to-be wrote. “We can’t wait and couldn’t be happier XXXX’

Chantelle – a former Celebrity Big Brother contestant – opened up to OK! about the happy news. “It was such a shock,” she said. “I just sat there crying and Alex was completely open-mouthed, It all became so much more real.”

The 28-year-old is already making plans for her daughter’s wardrobe. “I can’t wait to go clothes shopping for her,” she said. “I’ve seen a tiny little leopard-print coat I want to put her in. I’ll get a matching one! She will be done up to the nines, working a different look every day.”

And on David and Victoria Beckham‘s baby, she said: “Harper has got some serious competition coming along! Our daughter is going to beat her in the fashion stakes.”

Alex, the cage fighter, added that their daughter will learn self-defence early. “She’ll be badass,” he said. “I’m already planning on taking her to jujitsu. I’m not going to let any boys mess her around.” He added, “I get abused daily, but if someone picks on my pregnant lady, I won’t stand for it.”

Asked how young is too young for hair extensions, Chantelle laughed, “You’ll find out very soon!”

Chantelle added: “Life is tough. I had my heart broken in two when my marriage to Preston ended. I’ve been abandoned. But she will never have her heart broken by a man.”

Earlier this year, doctors had told Houghton, 28, that she was running out of eggs and had to conceive in the next three years if she had hopes of becoming a mother. She announced her pregnancy in December, just five weeks after Reid proposed on Irish TV.
The couple, who have been dating for eight months, had been planning to start IVF treatments before their “miracle” pregnancy.

Reid became a celebrity in Britain after his quickie marriage to glamour model Katie Price.

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  • Anonymous

    Wait, her doctor told her she was running out of eggs?? Sounds like the doctor went to the same school as her grammar teacher.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should learn a little about biology before ripping someone else. Normally a 28-year-old would have no trouble conceiving, but it is very possible to go through early menopause, and it’s something a doctor would know after doing tests. Perhaps “running out of eggs” is a non-technical way of communicating this, but it’s not entirely inaccurate.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad her daughter will never have her heart broken by a man. That’s definitely something you can predict.

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