MomFinds: Best Baby Bottles

These days, there are dozens of baby bottle brands and models to choose from with elaborate venting systems, insulation technology, endorsements from pediatricians, and claims to mimic breastfeeding. Our friends at MomFinds put tons to the test! Click here to read about the ones that came out on top.

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  • rachel s.

    I am a die hard fan of born free!! I couldn’t agree more with your pick!

  • Jo

    With my first kid, I tried EVERY bottle under the sun – from Dr. Browns to Born Frees to Adiris to Mams and bpa free and glass. I must have spent a king’s ransom. With my second kid, a lay off from my job and moving, our fiscal situation changed so I didn’t have the luxury of testing it all out. I came across a brand called COMOTOMO and while they are alittle more expensive, it was the best investment I ever made. The bottle is stylish yet very functional with a great venting system and a wide body that is easy to clean. Plus its no frills in that its a cap, a nipple, the ring and the body of the bottle – thats it. There aren’t a thousand pieces to this thing and the nipple is probably the best I’ve ever used and will definitely be worth your while if you plan on breastfeeding as well as it reduces nipple confusion.

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