Khloé Kardashian: “Maybe Dallas Will Bring A Baby”

Khloé Kardashian has been open and honest about her struggle to conceive, but despite her disappointment she says that she believes it will happen when the time is right.

“It’s frustrating when you hear so many rumors because it makes you almost want to put pressure on yourself,” the 27-year-old reality star tells People. “But looking back, I think everything happens for a reason.”

In light of her husband Lamar Odom‘s surprising trade to the Dallas Mavericks, Khloé says she’s actually glad that they didn’t have the additional stress of a newborn during that difficult time.

“I think, ‘Gosh, what if I did get pregnant last season or a few months ago?'” she says. “Or what if I had a newborn baby and all this [NBA] trade stuff happened? I don’t think I could have dealt with everything at one time. Doing this trade and my husband’s emotions and going through all that is so stressful.”

She says that she and Lamar are “definitely trying” for a baby, but they’re trying not to put quite so much pressure on themselves these days.

“Maybe Dallas will bring a baby,” she muses. “We’re definitely trying to have kids. Everything will happen when it’s meant to be. Last season, we were much more documenting, ‘Okay, when am I ovulating, when am I doing this?’ And it was very stressful to do it that way, so we’ve stopped. Lamar and I definitely are letting nature take its course.”

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  • Carlotta

    Infertility is so stressful, it’s good to hear they’re taking it easy on themselves for a bit.

  • Stephanie

    Relax and enjoy are so right, moving and a newborn…not a good thing. A child will happen when its time…so relax and enjoy your new home…oh and Welcome to Dallas. I’m a California transplant myself.

  • Nisy

    Good Luck Khloe!!! I completely understand how delicate getting pregnant is…my husband and I have been trying for almost 4 years and fertility treatments are so expensive that I’ve gotten depressed just not having my dream of having my family. I havent lost my faith but sometimes its hard to accept the fact that maybe I will never become a mother. Many blessings to you and Lamar <3

  • Stellie

    I really hope they get pregnant soon. When its meant to be it happens I can really relate to her its so stressful and depressing when you see everyone around you having children without even trying and you just still do not conceive. I thought i was infertile for a long time i was trying for 5 years and at times i wanted to give up and accept i cant not have children naturally but i really never gave up i just didnt think about it. finally i got pregnant with no infertility medication it just happened naturally!! she just needs to hang in there it will happen.

  • Arlene

    Hey i am such a huge fan of you… I really admire you alot alot alot..
    I watch you everyday despite the fact of being sooooo freaking delayed im not complaining… You personnality and everything speaks to me i love you and admire you as a woman..keep up the good work i wish you and your handsome husband everything of the best much love
    huge fan arlene

  • Anonymous

    Hope Dallas brings you all the happiness in the world including a baby!!! They are a gift from God to be treasured.

  • Anonymous

    Leaving it in God’s hands is the best option. My husband and I decided to do that and now I’m 5 weeks pregnant 😀 Best of Luck and lots of baby dust to you Khloe!

  • Anonymous

    Leaving it in God’s hands is the best option. My husband and I decided to do that and now I’m 5 weeks pregnant 😀 Best of Luck and lots of baby dust to you Khloe!

  • Chelse

    My momma always told me when you stop trying and focus on something else thats when it will happen.

    Khloe is such a strong person! 🙂

  • Mari

    Khlo’e you will make a great mother!!!! Just pray and they will be answered!

  • Mari

    Khlo’e you will be a great mother! Just pray and the answer will come to you!

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