Picabo Street On Unique Baby Names, Returning To The Ski Hill

Although she retired from professional skiing in 2002, Picabo Street shows no signs of slowing down. The former Olympian and National Ski Hall of Famer has partnered with Chase Sapphire to host a series of interactive ski clinics for cardmembers in three cities this ski season.

With one of the most unique names in celebrity history, the mom-of-four opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her interesting moniker which she once hated, but has now embraced. “I love the Hollywood baby names,” Picabo says, and adds, “I always say if it’s in the book, don’t use it!” She also talks about “sneaking away” with Chase Sapphire and her busy family life.

CBS: Tell us about your sons.

PS: “Eli is our oldest. He’s 8 and will be 9 at the end of March. He’s my stepson but he lives with us. Trey is 7 and he’s my firstborn. Then Dax is 2 and Roen is 1. The first two are 17 months apart and the younger two are also 17 months apart.”

CBS: Did you hate your unique name growing up?

PS: “Absolutely! Are you kidding me, I totally hated it! It was horrible.”

CBS: Did you feel like everyone was watching you when you named your boys?

PS: “Oh yah! My husband and I thought about it a lot. We went around and around. It’s tough to grow up with a different name. I wanted to change it a few times and my mom just kept saying, ‘Yah, yah, ok, ok.’ Now, I wouldn’t change it for the world! It’s so memorable, it has such a strong meaning with shining waters and the American Indian showband history. It’s really American for me and I feel really good about that. I wouldn’t change it for the world now.

My dad says there’s Native heritage that goes back. But that’s not where the name comes from. The name comes from a settlement just south of where I was born and raised in Idaho. My dad fell in love with it the second he saw it.

When I was naming the boys, I wanted it to be something really meaningful that they could explain later, or just something cool that is different now. Treyjan was a Roman emporer, but I named it differently, John named Eli after a football player, Dax is after a village that I love and with Roen we wanted a name later in the alphabet. All the boys love their names. I’m so lucky. I spent a lot of time on it so I’m really happy. I always say if it’s in the book, don’t use it!”

CBS: What do you think of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s name choice?

PS: “Blue Ivy is so awesome! I love color names. For a boy you could do Teal, Maroon, Topaz. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are setting a trend – watch how many color names come out now. Gwyneth [Paltrow] tried to do it with a fruit, but it didn’t quite take off. I love the unique name, I think that’s the most fun. I love the Hollywood baby names.”

CBS: How do you discipline four boys that range in age from 1 to 8?

PS: “They are all such different personalities. I have to discipline them differently but I try to keep common denominators so they can learn about consequences. But that’s one of the big dynamics that they’re learning. It’s constantly evolving and it’s a work in progress. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it never ends.

Eli likes rules, predictability, black and white and finds comfort in that. Trey likes to color outside the lines a bit with the rules. Dax is 2 and likes the temper tantrums. I try to turn it back on him. And with Roen, it’s just teaching him to be patient and self-reliant. I want them to be confident and self-sufficient. If they want a sandwich, they can go in and make one. They need my permission, but they can go in and make one.

And I like to turn the discipline around on them. I’ll say, ‘It’s your choice. You can have a good time and do lots of good stuff. Or you can suffer the consequences and not get to do fun stuff and participate.’ ”

CBS: Do they all get along?

PS: “The house is our sanctuary. So wresting, rough-housing, running is off limits. Outside, run 5 acres if you want. Every now and again we’ll bounce around a bit. But I teach them to be kind and share and create a really peaceful atmosphere so that they can feel comfort. Boys are inately rough, so I encourage the opposite behavior.

I’m outnumbered! My bathroom is my zone. No one is allowed in without an invitation. Last time I was away I got a photograph from dad with all four of them in the jacuzzi tub as a joke.”

CBS: Are your boys into skiing?

PS: “Yes. In fact, Eli absolutely loves it and jokes about living where it snows. Trey digs it but he wants to keep going. He’s just like me. He doesn’t want to stop for the bathroom or a snack, he just wants to keep going. They both absolutely love it. I’m going to turn Dax onto it this year and teach him how to ski, and Roen will get out and play in the snow. I look so forward to them all getting into it.

We go to Utah for the snow. With Chase, I am going out for three different unique experiences. We try and sneak out as often as we can.”

CBS: Has being a pro athlete helped your parenting?

PS: “Yes, for sure. I think the discipline for sure with the regimen, the structure, the nutrition and all that stuff. I think as an athlete and an Olympian, it’s really refreshing to apply all those skills and have the outcome be more rewarding for someone else. So when I get it right I pull it off and succeed now, the kids really benefit from it. It takes the spotlight off me and puts it on them. But I have to work harder now as an Olympian in some ways. But it’s rewarding for them and I like that.”

CBS: Do you feel just as proud to be a mom as to be a past Olympic star?

PS: “Not yet. I think I can look back on my skiing and the Olympics and say I handled that well. I’m so in the thick of it with my kids right now. I can say I’m proud of them, but am I proud of my performance yet? No, not yet. I haven’t figured out how to get it right yet. When they are happy, that’s when I feel proud. I’ve created them an envirnment to feel happy. I just want them to smile, eat and be happy. It’s interesting where your goals and dreams end up.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Chase Sapphire .

PS: “One of the ways that I get to sneak away and go skiing is with Chase and their rewards card. We put three together for this year. It’s kind of a travel and dining benefit card. They’ve brought me on board, and it’s such a win-win situation. I get to do a full-day clinic with them and give them some good solid tips on skiing. And if you’re not a skiier, there’s lots of options too.”

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  • anonymous

    I wonder why she didn’t take her own advice and use names that weren’t in “the book”?

  • Janna

    I’m not a sports fan, so I have no idea who this woman is, but this interview is just great. She seems like such a genuinely nice person and a happy mom. Good for her!

  • Arabella

    yeah let’s named our children. Red Pink Orange yellow.

  • anonymous

    I’m a dink. I read this article this morning and thought that Chase Sapphire was her husband! I thought “Wow, what an interestingly named couple.” Then I just now noticed her coat and saw its after J.P. Morgan/Chase.

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