Sarah Jessica Parker & James: Steppin’ In Sneakers

Sarah Jessica Parker and her 9-year-old son James Wilkie walked to his New York City school together on Tuesday (February 7). The actress smiled the whole time as the two kept their hands warm in their pockets.

Wearing black and hot pink-colored sneakers – the 46-year-old actress had a spring in her step!

Parker recently admitted that she wasn’t going to watch the Super Bowl even though her husband Matthew Broderick appeared in the Ferris Bueller-themed ad that aired on Sunday.

She told USA Today, “I can tell you honesty, I will not be watching the football game. I have absolutely no interest.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous9

    Note to self, when my legs are thinner than my 9 year old son’s, it’s time to eat a sandwich.

    • Anonymous

      LOL – if I give you my address, can you send me some cleaner for my computer screen? There’s coffee all over it thanks to you!!

  • Janna

    We’ve been so lucky in New York this winter, it’s practically still Spring.

    Love her sneakers, by the way!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous9 – LMAO!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen a more disheveled looking kid. He needs a haircut in the worst way. All their money and he goes to an inner city public school. SMH!

    • Allie

      He goes to a private, $36k/year, Montessori school.

      • Anonymous

        No, he doesn’t. SJP is very vocal about giving her son a public school education.

        • anonymous

          She may be vocal about public education, but that kid goes to a school that costs over $30k a year. Sorry to break your heart.

          • Anonymous

            You can keep insisting. I prefer to believe the child’s mother over some internet-busybody.

  • Glee

    They look like they don’t have any money. Maybe we need to take up a collection for them LOL

  • Anonymous

    The child has protruding ears and is at the age that he’s probably self concious about it. So he wears his hair long. Leave him alone….he’s just a kid and a cute one at that. I’m so tired of everyone criticizing everything these people do. They didn’t invite the paparazzi to follow them to school everyday. If they followed me and mine we look a whole lot worse…

  • Anonymous

    Allie – oh Matthew and Sarah told you where their son goes to school or do you follow them around like a stalker too?

    • Allie

      My niece goes to same school. My sister complains about the cost all the time. They have scholarships but I’m pretty darn sure Sarah and Matthew aren’t on a scholarship. Plus, the tuition for the school is listed online; it’s not hard to find.

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about? They don’t live anywhere near the Montessori schools. That is obviously NOT where he goes to school.

        • mischa

          NYC is a big city. How the h*ll do you know where they live unless you stalk them regularly?

  • Anonymous

    No private school would accept a child dressed like a rag all the time. I doubt he goes there. I went to private school and I was dressed in either a uniform or dress clothes not ripped pants and sneakers.

    • Allie

      This Montessori school doesn’t require uniforms. It could stifle their creativity. (I kid you not.)

    • Anonymous

      Because all private schools have the same rules and policies? And you have memorized all of them?

  • P!nk

    Not sure if goes to a Montessori school. The 2 that I know of in NYC aren’t where they live and it’s clear she walks him to school. Also, they don’t cost $36,000 a year.

    • Allie

      You’re right. I just looked it up. It isn’t 36k a year; it’s $31,700/yr. Sorry for getting that wrong.

    • NYC Mommy

      She could be walking to subway to take him to school. How can we be sure they walk the whole way? Many people do that in NYC even the rich and famous…

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