Alyson Hannigan & Family: Santa Monica Shoppers

American Pie star Alyson Hannigan was spotted shopping around on Montana Blvd. in Santa Monica, Calif. with her Angel star hubby Alexis Denisof and the couple’s adorable red-headed treasure Satyana, 2, on Wednesday (February 8).

The 37-year-old actress – who looked great sporting a white shirt, a cardigan sweater and a couple colorful scarves which carefully covered her growing baby bump – was all smiles as she strolled with her family. It looks like the walk stopped for a brief nose blow at one point. Satyana – who looked adorable donning a striped green dress and some bright pink floral leggings – got a kick out of holding both her parent’s hands as the trio enjoyed their time together.

It looks like sweet Satyana is throwing out some choice names for her new sibling due sometime this spring.

Alyson recently tweeted, “My daughter said: ‘Mommy I have great names for the baby in your belly! If it’s a girl, Coco. If its a boy Gaguzzi. It sounds like Jacuzzi!”‘

That’s too funny!

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I never understand when I see photos of so many parents dressed super warmly, then their children are dressed for Summer. Surely if you have to wear a sweater or scarves, or long pants, your child shouldn’t be in a dress and flip flops.

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone has the same cold tolerance. some people are comfortable in sweaters while others are wearing t-shirts. It’s really not that hard to udnerstand.

    • Anonymous

      When I first got pregnant I could have layers of clothes on and would still be freezing so it doesn’t necessarily mean its cold outside.

    • apples

      That annoys me also! I know that for myself and my husband, if it’s cold enough for us to have to wear sweaters, we dress our daughter accordingly.

    • Anonymous

      Except that it WAS flip flop weather, so you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sure you feel better bashing the parenting skills of complete strangers, rather than to realize that it’s the parents who are overdressed!!! But no, that is NEVER anyone’s first guess, it’s always always always bad parenting, that the poster themself would never ever do because they are superior in every way.

  • Anonymous

    It has been in the 70’s for the past few days here in LA. It’s certainly flip-flop weather.

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